Library: Book nooks at Home

Library: Book nooks at Home

library book nooksWhether your favorite books are signed first editions or dog-eared paperbacks, they deserve well-designed nooks to rest their spines.  And though this era of digital books would lead you to believe that a library in your home is not a “necessity”, there is something to be said for having a physical book in your hand and on a shelf.

As mentioned in a recent article written by Residential Architect magazine journalist, Meghan Drueding:

“Modern culture makes much of the need to escape from the pressures of everyday life.  Exotic vacations and spas are often seen as antidotes to stress.  But the brain needs to get away from its regular routine just as much as the body does.  That is where a home library comes into play.  For bookworm homeowners, a place to retreat into a good story serves as the biggest luxury of all.

Along with providing a cozy spot to read, a home library acts as a storage and display device.  It also creates an opportunity to add color and texture to a home’s interior, especially when integrated into a larger space.  A library injects some of the homeowner’s personality and character into the home. Also, books are style-neutral.  They work equally well at lending warmth to minimal, modern spaces as they do for formal, traditional ones. No wonder people still treasure the physicality of a book, despite the convenience of e-books.  As Cicero said, ‘A room without books is like a body without a soul.'”

2x7_Library_RGB72Nooks for more than Books

Obviously, a library can store so much more than books, such as CD’s, DVD’s, scrapbooks, and photo albums.  A wall full of shelves and cabinets also provides a nice co-mingling of these items with your collections of artwork, figurines, and antiques.  By visiting the links provided below, you will see that a home library can be as simple or as extensive as you desire.  Make these nooks a complete departure from the rest of your home, or incorporate them to match the décor of an adjoining room.  The possibilities are endless!

ceiling before_Drabceiling after_WowDo you already have a library or family room that adequately houses all of your books and media?  You might want to consider upgrading the ceiling to give the room a whole new look. 

Are you looking to transform part of your home into a library? Closets and Cabinetry by Closet City can help. Our organizing professionals won’t just install cookie-cutter units, but rather find a custom solution that matches your needs. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on creating the perfect home library for you!

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