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hangers photoMost of us select clothes that reflect our personal style, and if we’re appointing that task to our clothes, we need to respect them. Proper care of your clothes and sturdy hangers will result in longer wear, neater appearance, protection of your clothing investment, and the ability to choose an outfit easily since you can clearly see what you have. You won’t wear what you don’t see!

So what style hanger works best?

The market is flush with many styles of hangers, and it’s up to your priorities and budget to select what is appropriate for your wardrobe.  Here are some suggestions:

If you can afford them, wooden hangers are the best choice for men’s and women’s suits. The thick curved design provides support to your suits’ shoulders. Some are made of cedar and protect precious fabrics and help maintain the shape of tailored pieces. It’s actually your most economic hanger purchase since they last for years and will probably outlast your next three cars!

padded hangersPadded hangers are great for shirts, blouses, dresses, and of course, robes. Padded hangers with clips are great for hanging outfits. Flocked/velvet hangers work best for delicate tops, camisoles and pashminas. They come in many colors, but for a uniform look, black is best and can always be matched when you need to purchase more.

Budget-wise you can’t beat clear acrylic hangers like the ones you see in department stores.  They’re inexpensive, available everywhere, sturdy, moisture-proof, don’t take up too much visual space, and can be used in the laundry room for hanging items right out of the dryer. Plastic tubular hangers last forever, are inexpensive, and can also be used in the laundry room for hanging drip dry items.  Make sure to purchase the thicker versions which hold up better. Although suit hangers can accommodate pants/slacks folded underneath the jacket, skirt/pant hangers with clips at the waist avoid that mid-length crease.

Space Saving Hangers hold 10 garments vertically and then fold down horizontally.  These tend to save space, but the tradeoff is usually wrinkled clothes and you can’t see what you have.  Remember, if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.  These hangers are best used for long term/out of season storage.

And finally, some other options

Speaking of out-of-season storage, it’s best to use canvas garment bags.  Plastic garment bags trap moisture and the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process. Be sure to add some cedar chips or blocks before closing the bag(s).  Another option is Cedar Fresh sachets which are cedar and lavender combined in one sachet on a string you can hang on a hanger.  The fragrance is pleasant and not overwhelmingly strong.

today’s post source:  Kathy Luskus, Owner & Organizing Consultant
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Kathy’s Credentials:
President:  NAPO (Nat’l Assoc of Professional Organizers),  Greater Philadelphia Chapter;
Member:  NAPO Golden Circle;   Member:  Holistic Organizers Roundtable

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