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Know your wardrobe . . . and habits!

reachin closet habitsClosets, more than any other space in your house, work best if you know in advance precisely how you are going to use them. For example, if you bunch up your socks, you’ll need more space than if you roll them up. The same goes for shirts – do you stack them neatly or hang them up? Or slacks – do you hang them folded over a hanger or full length by the cuffs? Think about your habits, what you wear, and how you like to get dressed, and design your closet space to serve you – keep most-used items around eye level, less-used below, and your least-used items high above. Typically most closets have too much hanging storage and far too little shelf or drawer storage.

Being able to actually see all of your socks, ties, and underwear (versus only the top layer of them) gives you real choices when you get dressed. Take advantage of the many accessories available such as drawers with dividers and belt / scarf / tie racks to keep items organized. Shelves should be adjustable and movable from place to place within the closet for maximum versatility.

Also take advantage of ALL available space, up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Bins on high shelves, roll-out boxes that sit on the floor, or even a third closet rod if your ceiling is over nine feet high, are ideal for storing items you don’t use all the time.

And here’s how we can help you …

If you have existing storage space that is just simply inefficient, or are remodeling and creating new storage space, be sure to consult with a storage expert first. The staff and design consultants at Closet City, located in Montgomeryville, PA, have the experience and know-how to guide you to more organized living. Give them a call today!


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