What can a Closet Designer do for You?

What can a Closet Designer do for You?

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  • A professional closet designer does more than just give a room a new look. Helping clients be more organized can really change people’s day-to-day lives.
  • Despite what you see on alarmist reality TV shows, professional closet organization and design could actually help you hang on to all of your beautiful stuff.
  • Giving your clothes a comfortable, crease-free place to hang out can revolutionize a part of your life. Think of the speed and style with which you can get dressed in the morning because you can see all the clothes you own.  Plus, the money you can save on clothing. No more buying the same jacket or blouse over and over because you forgot you already had one.


 This customer was able to fill her walk-in with all that was previously in it (when it had wire shelving), PLUS add all the contents of a chest of drawers — allowing her to eliminate that chest and add a comfy chair to her bedroom!


These are just a few highlights from a blog article we found on Best Pick Reports (see link below).  It contains really good info on what a closet designer (like us) can do for you. And, it explains the benefits YOU enjoy once a storage area has been optimized.  Actually, most of what is in this article is info we have shared at some point during our 30-year career. But it’s always good to share it again!

We can be a big help to you.

So go ahead and read, ponder, and be empowered.  Then, if you’re in the tri-state area (PA, NJ, DE), be sure to give us a call. We would love to help when you’re ready to tackle that closet or storage area you “just can’t stand anymore”. 🙂 We promise, our designer will work wonders on that space!



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