Going camping? Get organized first!

As an avid camper, you already know how helpful it can be to get organized before leaving for your destination.  There is nothing worse than camping in the wilderness unprepared and not being able to find what you need when you need it.  Here are a few tips to make packing and unpacking easier for those not-so-experienced campers:

  • If you have a camper, take time to measure all of the drawers, cabinets, and closets.  Decide what each space will hold, and then purchase containers to put in each space if needed.
  • Use containers that can do double duty.  Rubbermaid/Sterilite containers are often waterproof and airtight, so they can be kept outside of your sleeping space.
  • Pop up hampers are great for packing linens and towels, and can be used to transport dirty laundry back home.
  • Keep like objects together when packing and setting up your campsite.  Plates, napkins, and utensils should be kept together. Fishing gear goes with sports equipment, and all personal care products should be kept together also.  Pack items together in a Rubbermaid container and label it for easy identification.
  • Keep a checklist of supplies inside your camper. Then run through the list a few days before leaving to make sure you have what you need.
  • Purchase items such as personal care items, and paper products that can be left packed up for next time. Also include a first aid kit, pots and pans, and dish soap. Doing this helps cut down on packing time.

Hopefully this information will make your family’s next camping trip a little less chaotic. Organizing the packing and unpacking allows you to enjoy more outdoor adventures!

Visit this link for all sorts of Camping Advice.  It has everything from how to set up camp and avoiding critters, to organized packing and camping etiquette.  For organizing inspiration inside the home, visit our very informative, photogenic website!    www.closetcity.com


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