Tips for Clearing Clutter

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Are you ready to get organized?  Here are some tips to consider before messing with the mess!

Make sure you start with small goals and create a simple organization system or method that’s easy to maintain.  Remember, the method that works for a friend might not work for you.

Like any other appointment, schedule a date and time to get started.  Focus on one area at a time.  Pick a spot and work your way around the room as time allows.

Not everything has to end up in a landfill.  There are charitable organizations and recycling centers that will take your extra stuff.  Research your local options and divide your contents accordingly.

Protect the progress you make.  Be diligent about putting everything in its place when you’re done using it.  Don’t let the cleared space re-accumulate stuff!

Now that you have a plan of attack . . .

Go forth, and attack!  (If you still are not happy with how your organizing efforts turn out, may we recommend giving us a call or visit?)  215-855-4400 or online.  You are also welcome to visit our office and showrooms at 619 Bethlehem Pike in Montgomeryville PA.

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