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By Allie Harcharek
This article is an editorial about Closet City that appeared in Suburban Family magazine (New Jersey) in June 2011.

In an industry of flat packed, build-it-yourself furniture, real customized pieces stand out like nothing else.  Closet City, an organizational design company and custom cabinetry manufacturer, is dedicated to “out of the box” designs. Designs that clear away clutter and let clients’ personalities shine through.  From home offices to home theaters, their products make for innovative solutions for any space.

For more than 25 years, the folks at Closet City have organized and designed functional interior spaces for clients throughout southeastern PA.

Janet Stevenson, design manager, had her own successful closet organizing business for 10 years prior to joining the Closet City team nearly two decades ago.  That experience is key, she says.  “I think what really sets us apart is how long we have been in the business,” Stevenson says.  Just as vital is their commitment to service.  “We are committed to providing the most professional experience, products and service to our clients.  Being a member of the ACSP (Association of Closet and Storage Professionals) allows me to have the pulse of the industry. It makes a difference that we are not viewed as a ‘chuck out of the truck’ industry, but the most professional we can be.”

Subtle differences

Closet City manufactures all materials in house, Stevenson says.  Those include real wood, lighter medium-density fiberboard, and laminates.  Wood and MDF materials can be designed and stained in any color to fit into your existing decor and furniture.  In addition to wood grain veneers and granite counter tops, the company experiments in newer, environmentally friendly and low emission products.  “We recently used our Vetrazzo product to create a drop dead gorgeous desk.  It is very ‘green’. It is poured concrete embedded with different pieces of glass to create color and shine,” she explains.

“We hear what our clients want. And, because Closet City is also a manufacturer, we will think out of the box to give them what they want,” Stevenson says.

walk in closet islandClosets that will “wow” you!

Today, a closet is far more than just a place to keep clothes.  It is your personal fashion oasis!

Cabinetry can be designed to reveal hidden gadgets, such as a fold-up ironing board or camouflaged wall safe.  Entire panels and cabinetry can also be dedicated to jewelry storage. Full-length mirrors can slide in and out of small spaces. This helps you put the finishing touch on your look without taking up valuable floor space. Shoe lovers rejoice!  Your Louboutins and Manolos can have their very own clear display shelves if you desire.

“It does not have to be just open shelves in a closet anymore,” says Joanne Landis, spokesperson for the company. “We can make it look more like furniture to match the rest of your home.”  One of the most popular new additions to a walk-in space is an island, Landis says.  An island or counter inside your closet, topped with luxurious granite or hard wood, offers additional storage.  Storage for jewelry, camisoles, socks, and anything not displayed on a shelf.  Also, a comfy seat can welcome you to put on shoes, sort through jewelry, or apply makeup.

Utility Spaces

Today’s utility spaces require a clear form and function in order to fit a growing family’s needs.  Stevenson believes a home’s laundry room has to be as space efficient as possible. “I try to make every laundry area just the way I would want it in my own home,” she says. “It really has to work for you.”

“With today’s fashions, so many women need to hang clothes to dry to avoid shrinking them.  A drip dry area, either in a pull out or bar over a utility sink, can help avoid that problem.”

Stevenson says she recommends creating a clear folding area inside any laundry room.  She also recommends laundry baskets or open bins for miscellaneous items. And, a series of drawers can help separate clean clothes as you fold. “We can do an entire wall of cabinetry to store detergents and other laundry-related items. Or, a nearby closet can hold an ironing board and a bar of clothes waiting to get ironed,” she notes.

Custom creations

“Every project we do is built to suit the person that is using it,” says Landis. “You can be as clear, simple, and basic as you want in a closet. Or you can go full-blown in the other direction.”  The same six-foot-by-six-foot space in one home can be a shoe-lover’s paradise for one family, or a floor-to-ceiling businessman’s wardrobe in another, Landis says.

To get started, a professional will come to your home and analyze the space in question.  Then she will draw up a plan in notes and sketches.  Next, the designer makes her vision come alive in a computerized 3-D drawing of the proposed space.  A closet pro like Stevenson “thinks about things you might not even notice”.  Things like how to work around outlets and heater vents.  She will learn how you want to use this space, and what your storage habits are. Then she will help you decide whether you want to go fancy or simple,” Landis says. “We can really do anything you can think up.”

murphy wall bed closed wall bed openIf you would like more information, call us at 1-800-342-0070 or visit our website

Source:   Suburban Family magazine, June 2011 (This was our 15 minutes of fame as a cover feature article!)

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