Top Closet Trends For 2017

Is 17 going to be the year you build the custom closet you’ve always wanted?

If so, you may want to learn more about the latest trends in closet design. Read on to learn more about some 2017 closet trends that you may want to adopt in your home.

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The Color Wheel

Who says closets can’t be colorful? You may have grown up in a home where the dominant closet color was brown or black, but today’s closets have moved away from the monochromatic to embrace every color of the rainbow.

Still, some colors are more popular than others. This year’s colors include the three primaries – red, blue, yellow – along with green.

Homeowners are moving away from a streamlined color scheme and opting for a mix-and-match design, installing doors and drawer faces that come in a variety of colors and finishes. You may want to paint a countertop – the same way some homeowners paint accent walls – or make simpler color changes, such as using different color edge bandings on panels.

Let there be light…Environmentally-friendly light

As we’ve said before, good lighting is essential to your custom walk-in closet. No one wants to get dressed – or hunt for just the right outfit – in the dark.

That’s why you’ll find LED lighting on a lot of lists of 2017 closet trends. In addition to installing larger overhead lights, some homeowners are adding environmentally-friendly LED lights to shelves, drawers and closet rods, as well as wireless or battery-operated motion-activated lights.  And don’t forget to add a little bling.  Chandeliers are a great way to dress up the space.

His and Hers

Spouses can claim to share everything and still find themselves at odds when using the same closet space. That’s why one of the 2017 custom closet trends we’re seeing is the rise of the his and hers closet. These are closets that are usually the same in terms of style and size, but giving each spouse a space for their own needs. Let’s say you have a large shoe collection, while your husband has amassed an impressive array of ties. A his-and-hers closet set up can allow you space for everything.

Sit and Look

A custom closet should feel like a place you want to spend some time in, which is why many homeowners want a place to sit. This can mean everything from an upholstered chair to a simple bench to seats designed with built-in storage compartments.

And because most of us like seeing how our clothes look on us, many customers are choosing to have mirrors installed in their custom walk-in closets. These can be full-length mirrors, or designed to slide out of a smaller space, or installed into door fronts.

Brass Accessories

Last on our list of 2017 closet trends is brass accessories. People want fixtures to match their gold jewelry, but installing gold knobs and handles just isn’t practical.  Whether it’s on your door, dresser drawers or even part of your border trim, brass provides a nice compliment to your jewelry.

If you think that 2017 is the year your closet gets a makeover, Closets & Cabinetry can help.

Our closet storage and design experts will work with you to come up with a custom walk-in closet that meets all your needs. We’ll create a closet that meets 2017’s trends, and be there to help you meet whatever trends are on their way.



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