Taking the Chore Out of Laundry

Taking the Chore Out of Laundry

When you think about doing the laundry, what do you picture?

Lugging a huge pile of dirty clothes into a damp, dimly-lit basement? Your washer and dryer shoved away in some dark corner?

But doing the laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. Today’s laundry rooms are often designed with style and convenience in mind. Let’s take a look at a few laundry room design and laundry room storage ideas to make things easier the next time you need to do a load of wash.

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1. Find The Right Spot

As Better Homes and Gardens puts it, there’s a reason we do our laundry in the basement: humidity, noise, and overflow if a hose bursts.

But your ideal spot might be some place different: close to the children’s bedrooms, or near the back of your house. If your laundry room design decision places your washer and dryer near your living/sleeping areas, be sure to get appliances that are quiet, and provide reduced vibration.

2. Laundry Room Design Should Depend On Tasks

Try to base the design of your laundry room around the tasks you’ll be performing there. Arrange the work surfaces and your appliances so that they follow the normal flow of laundry: sorting, washing, drying, folding.  You may want to install a countertop to give yourself a place to fold, and racks to hang clothing fresh from the dryer, or items that you want to air dry.

3. Get Things Organized

“Being organized makes any job easier,” Better Homes and Gardens writes. “Gather all of your laundry and clothing-care supplies into one utility cabinet near the washer and dryer so that everything is at hand when you need it.”

iStock-520941933 - mom with laundry.jpgA laundry room storage cabinet can help you store all of your extra supplies as well. Just be careful with potentially harmful products such as bleach if you have small children. Store them on high shelves, or lock the cabinet.

4. Make Ironing More Convenient

For many people, ironing sits next to laundry on their list of unloved chores. But you can make things easier by incorporating ironing into your laundry room design.

A wall-mounted ironing board allows you to get to your ironing right away. BHG recommends having a TV installed in the laundry room to help pass the time

5. Bend Less

While a front-loading washer will cut down on your water usage, bending down to load and unload them can be a strain on your back.

Solve that problem by raising the appliances using some cabinetry that also gives you added laundry room storage.

6. An L-Shaped Laundry Room

By choosing an L-shaped laundry room design, you gain the option of putting a laundry sink on one branch of the L, and the washer and dryer on the other. This way, you have extra space to fold clothes and to do any hand-washing.  It also gives you more room for upper and lower cabinets, as well as display shelves.

7. A kitchen-Inspired Laundry Room Design

If you have a larger laundry room, take some inspiration from modern kitchens and add an island. It gives you more room to work, and gives you room to do other tasks: crafting, present wrapping, etc.

8. But What If I Don’t Have A Larger Laundry Room?

We realize that many laundry rooms aren’t big enough to install an island. If you have a smaller laundry room, you can always install cabinets or hanging shelves to boost your storage space.

Let Closets & Cabinetry help. Our designers can create cabinets that often hidden storage for detergents and hangers, as well as shelves for anything you might want to display.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll get started on making laundry day at your home less of a chore.


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