Maximizing Your Walk-in Closet Storage

Closet City Maximizing Your Walk-in Closet Storage

When you had your first apartment, you told yourself “One day, I’ll have a bigger closet, and things will be much more organized.”

Now you’re a homeowner, with a big walk-in closet, and it’s still cluttered. It happens. It’s easy for a walk-in closet to become disorganized, but just as easy for you to pull things back together.

Maximizing Your Walk-in Closet Storage

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your closet space and get organized along the way.

1. Storing Your clothes

You can make the most of your closet’s height by using a double-rod closet organizer. Shorter articles of clothing – blouses and tank tops – can go up top, with skirts and pants down below. Avoid wasting space by keeping empty hangers to the end of one bar. Items that don’t need to be hung up can be folded and placed on shelves.

Here’s a dual laundry and closet-organizing tip: keep a hamper inside your walk-in closet, and avoid having a jumble of dirty clothes on your floor.

2. Storing Shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Ten? A dozen? The average American owns about 19. (For women, the average is 27. For men, it’s 12.) No matter how many you own, there are several closet organizing steps – from pullout shelves to cubbies to hanging shoe organizers – that you can take when it comes to shoes.

Slender shoes like sandals or flats can fit two to a cubbie, while tall boots can rest on shelves when they aren’t in season. When you keep your shoes sorted and easy to access, you’ll be more likely to stick to a routine every morning and evening.

3. Storing Accessories

There are a lot of different things that fall under the accessory umbrella, which means you may need a highly-personalized closet organizing system.

If you get dressed inside your closet, install a vanity with a mirror that serves as a grooming station. You can put in a jewelry tree or jewelry box nearby, or use drawer organizers if you’d rather not have your jewelry out in the open.

Here are a few other closet organizing tricks you can use to make life with a walk-in closet simpler:

  • Put a container in your closet that holds a sewing kit, a small pair of scissors and extra buttons. You’ll have an easier time cutting off tags and replacing lost buttons if the tools you need are close at hand.
  • Make your closet YOURS. Add some personal touches like family photos, beloved childhood items or anything else that connects to who you are.
  • You get dressed in your closet, but then move to your bed to sit and put on your shoes and socks. Make things easier by putting a seat in your closet. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; even a simple bench will shorten your morning routine.
  • Give yourself good lighting. It’s an important feature, allowing you to see colors and patterns more accurately.

Do you dread opening your closet? Can you see the floor, or is there a mountain of old clothing blocking the view? Let Closets & Cabinetry help.

Our closet organizing experts can work with you to create an efficient storage space where everything is visible and accessible. Contact us today to schedule a free appointment with one of our designers, and we’ll get to work on giving you a walk-in closet that you’ll want to walk into.


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