Summer is Coming. Is Your Closet Ready?

Summer is Coming. Is Your Closet Ready?


The title of this post might seem like a silly question.

“Why would my closet need to be ready for summer? My closet is … you know, a closet. It doesn’t follow the calendar.”

Fair enough, but trust us when we say your life will be much simpler if you aren’t digging through fall and winter clothes to get at your treasured summer wear. That’s why we’ve put together this list of organization and storage solutions for closets that are ready for a summer makeover.

1. Purge the things you don’t wear

iStock-692081572_RTIt’s time to say goodbye to unwanted clothing. Look for items you haven’t worn in a few seasons, or things that don’t fit anymore.

We understand that it might be hard to part with cherished clothing, but ask yourself: How cherished is most of this stuff? As we’ve noted before, the 80-20 rule should be at the front of your mind: We wear 20 percent of our stuff 80 percent of the time.

And don’t just load this clothing into trash bags. Sell it to a consignment shop, donate them to your local thrift store, or maybe give a few pieces away to friends. It’ll feel good knowing you’re recycling and items will get a second life with someone new. 

2. A summer break for your winter wear

iStock-520938198-RTTemperatures are rising, and the days of cozy sweaters and darker fabrics are done, for now. After you’ve cleared away unwanted clothing, look for things that are out-of-season – boots, sweaters, corduroy, etc. – and put it away for the summer.

You can store these clothes in a trunk at the foot of your bed, or put them in your attic, or keep them in your closet. The important thing is to keep your winter clothing protected: Avoid warm, damp locations to prevent mildew and insect infestations, and store your clothes someplace dark to prevent fading.

3. It’s time to get organized

Once you’ve cleared out your closet, vacuum the floor and wipe down the surfaces. It’s nice to start fresh. From there, take everything that you haven’t purged or put into storage and start organizing.

Sort things by type. Sportswear, swimwear, dressier items, etc. Stay with these categories as you begin to put things on shelves or hangers.

4. Adding more hanging space

iStock-869852604_RTNo place to put your summer accessories such as hats and beach bags? Here’s a simple suggestion from our list of storage solutions for closets: Just add hooks.

Hooks give you an added storage area without taking up too much space or requiring a lot of work or rearranging. Put the things you plan to use the most on the hooks that are easier to reach, and items you’ll only wear now and then on more tucked away hooks.

Another storage solution for closets: keep your t-shirts and tank tops on shelves instead of hangers. These aren’t items that absolutely have to go on hangers. They can be kept wrinkle-free by using shelf dividers to keep them in neat stacks.

Looking for further storage solutions for closets? Closet City can help. Our team can help de clutter your closet, or create a bigger closet, letting you appreciate your wardrobe and enjoy your summer. Contact us today to speak with an organization expert.


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