Say goodbye for the summer… or even forever!

Say goodbye for the summer... or even forever!

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Cue music … “Sealed with a kiss” or the “Break up Song” … and get your closets ship shape for the season and all year long. It’s time to “break up” and say goodbye to the majority of your wardrobe. Wait, what?!

Most people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.

The perfect time to evaluate your closet’s contents and decide what you truly love and need to wear is when seasons change. If you’re like most people, you basically wear about the same 20% of your potential wardrobe all season and the other 80% simply takes up space.

So the rest of the stuff that you don’t typically wear is what you need to “break up” with – say goodbye for the season (pack away winter duds) or adios permanently (donate or trash). This excess clothing is causing visual clutter, mental anguish, and causing the items you love to get squashed, wrinkled, or lost in the crowd. It’s time to decide what items are truly important to you and take action!

messy closetIn any storage space, especially closets, “less is more”. Less clothing allows more space for the items you treasure to breathe. Less clutter provides you with more peace of mind as you select each day’s outfit. Less items in your closet that you don’t like or feel guilty about (and then donate) provide more options and independence to others less fortunate.

So here are a few pointers that will help turn your summer break-up song into a cause for celebration:

  • Take a close look when you switch out your seasonal clothing. If you didn’t wear it last year, you’re probably not going to wear it this year. So don’t hang it up in the closet or pack it for next season — donate it! Ridding yourself of these unworn items will make room for the new, trendy fashions you’ll buy this season.
  • Don’t forget to sort through clothing in drawers and on shelves! More than likely, what is squashed into the corners and crumpled on the bottom are items you really don’t have interest in any more. If that’s the case, add these to your donation box. If they turn out to be items you love and were wondering where they ended up, great — do a quick laundering or ironing of them and go wear them!
  • Is there an unsightly pile of clothing waiting for stain treatment, repairs or alterations? Looking at a pile of stuff you haven’t taken care of in a long time can create guilt and stress. Resolve to take care of these items right now — if it can’t or won’t be done within the next week (or maybe you no longer wish to wear these things), then toss ’em! If they truly mean a lot to you or the purchase price of the item is a driving point, you’ll do it. If not, then there’s no loss there, is there?
  • Do you have five pink blouses, four blue skirts, or six pairs of black heels? Of course, they’re in different styles to be worn with different outfits. However, we’re betting that one of these duplicates is almost never worn, doesn’t fit well, or you just plain don’t like it. Rid yourself of one of these multiples and you’ve instantly gained almost 25% more space!
  • organized clothingDitch clothes that aren’t up-to-date! It may be difficult to critique your wardrobe since obviously each item meant something to you at some point in time. So play a little fashion runway game with yourself … try on an outfit, check it out in the mirror, and imagine bumping into an old flame. Does the outfit make you feel confident and sexy wearing it, or awkward and embarrassed? Or if it’s business clothing, imagine going to an interview. Does this item look sharp, make you feel in control of your destiny, or behind the eight ball instead? Clothing you looked good in years ago may not be flattering now, so embrace who you are today and work with what you’ve got!

organized closetBottom line is … your closet should be a place of inspiration, not daily stress! So unload the stress-causing items and keep only what you love and feel beautiful in — whatever your style may be.

A great incentive for you to do all this sorting and purging is to have one of our designers come out and measure your closet space for a new organizing system. You won’t want to waste your new incredible storage space on items that you don’t absolutely love. So schedule an appointment today and get started – on breaking up with the vast majority of your wardrobe, and on having a spectacularly organized system for the clothing that remains!


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