A Brief Look Back Before Forging Ahead

Our Top 5 from 2018


Hello everyone, and happy New Year to you! You’re all back to a ‘normal schedule’ by now, and ready to tackle 2020, right?

There are a lot of home storage and organization ideas we’re excited to share with you in the coming new year. We hope to provide you with a ton of helpful advice, new product information, and of course, photo inspirations. For today however, let’s remember the tips and trends that stirred our audiences and re-visit the posts from 2019 that readers were most interested in.

Here are five articles that you responded to the most, and one timely bonus post we would like to share with you again:

Jewelry storage1. “Sparkle and Shine” — More Dressing Room Bling

Our most popular post of 2019 was a re-sharing of our story about an odd-shaped room turned into a glamorous walk-in closet / dressing room.

The homeowner in this project had quite a collection of jewelry, and she had definite ideas on how she wanted it all stored and displayed. The “bling” is quite impressive — her collection, and our solution!

LAUNDRY-PulldownBar2.  Laundry: Gadgets Galore!

A much less glamorous topic for sure, but laundry chores are a part of everyone’s every day life. In this article, we shared some ideas on how to make doing laundry a little less of a “chore” and some of the gadgets we have available to aid in keeping laundry areas looking much more tidy.

Messy Closet3.  When in Doubt, Throw it Out

Sometimes simple, common sense tidbits of advice need to be shared again. Many of the easy, no-nonsense ideas shared in this article are ones we’re sure you’ve heard before, probably over and over again. But the question remains: “How many of these storage and organizing bits of advice are you actually doing?”

PANTRY in corner4.  Tips to get Your Pantry in Order

Not everyone despises their closets, and in the past few years we have had many clients who wanted a new or remodeled kitchen pantry. So last year we found a helpful list of pantry organizing tips to share, and then added some advice from our own space planning experts as well. Use these suggestions and invest an afternoon to organize and stock your pantry, and then reap the benefits every day thereafter!

murphy wall bed5. Who put the Murphy in the Murphy Bed?

For the past several years, we’ve noticed that Murphy Beds are a hot trend again, and we’ve added some stylish options to this timeless invention. Our story gives you a little history as well as sound reasons for having this convenient, extra guest lodging at a moment’s notice in your own home.

2020 GoalsAnd, here’s your New Year bonus!
This next article was just posted the end of December, but in case you missed it during all of the holiday festivities, we thought it appropriate to share the information again.

Resolutions for 2020, Organize Your Life

One of the best ways to make sure you stick to your resolutions is by keeping them realistic, and we have easy suggestions to help you get started and accomplish some of your goals this year.

Thank you once again for reading, commenting on and subscribing to our blog this past year. Everyone here at Closet City hopes the tips we provided made your life easier and more organized during 2019, and we can’t wait to share with you even more ideas in 2020. A brand new article will be coming to your inbox soon!

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