Our Top 5 from 2018

Our Top 5 from 2018

New Year storage tips

Hello everyone, and happy New Year to you! You all had a safe, enjoyable holiday, and are ready to tackle 2019, right?

There are a lot of home storage and organization ideas we’re excited to share with you in the coming new year. We hope to provide you with a ton of helpful information and photo inspirations. For today however, let’s remember the tips and trends that stirred our audiences and re-visit our most popular posts from 2018.

Here are five articles that you responded to the most, and one timely bonus post from the year before:

attic dream closet1. Turning your attic into the closet of your dreams

By far, this was our most popular post of the past year! This topic resonated with thousands of you, and definitely deserves to be shared again.

If your attic is in the “dusty, dimly-lit place where you store Christmas decorations and old photos category”, and you’d like it to be something more than an afterthought, we can help. Here are a few ways you can transform your attic into the closet or dressing room of your dreams.

BEDROOM Walkin Closet2. Custom closet trends of 2018

Trends are always changing, whether you’re dealing with clothing or cars or custom closet design. So, what will closets look like in the next year? From islands and drawers to walls filled with shoe storage shelves, there were a few trends in 2018 that are here to stay in 2019 also.

Moving-Truck-Banner3. Closet City has moved!

Yes, we sure did! Eventually there comes a time when you just have to cry “uncle” and opt for a larger home. In doing so, you get the opportunity to set up your new home in a totally different (and hopefully better) way to suit your needs. Our move was a challenge of mind, body, and spirit — so how will this affect you and your project?

Seasonal storage tips4. Summer is coming, is your closet ready?

The title of this post might seem like a silly question at this time of year. Why would my closet need to be ready for summer? (or any season, for that matter) Trust us when we say your life will be much simpler if you aren’t digging through fall and winter clothes to get at your treasured summer wear (and vice versa).

murphy wall bed5. Ideal spaces for Murphy bed installation

There’s no rule for where a Murphy bed needs to be installed. Not just for tiny apartments anymore, Murphy beds are popping up in home offices, spare bedrooms, and more. This article gives you food for thought as to where you might like to have extra guest lodging at a moment’s notice.

And, here’s your New Year bonus!
This next article was definitely a popular one in 2017, and it just seemed a good time of year for us to share the information again.

donate clothingCharity Begins When You Clean Out Your Closet

Whenever we write about cleaning out a closet or a garage, we tell readers to find a new home for their unwanted clothing or other items. With this blog post, we gave you a detailed list of charities that would accept those items, whether you’re giving away shoes, books, clothing, furniture, food or electronics.

Thank you once again for reading, commenting on and subscribing to our blog this past year. Everyone here at Closet City hopes the tips we provided made your life easier and more organized during 2018, and we can’t wait to share with you even more ideas in 2019. A brand new article will be coming to your inbox soon!

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