Keep or Toss? Need help deciding?

Keep or Toss? Need help deciding?

By Jamie Novak,
gleaned from the book “Keep This, Toss That”


You’d be surprised by what a professional organizer recommends in order to keep a tidier home.  Sometimes “junky” items can serve an unexpected purpose!  Other times, you might be better off getting rid of or donating “important” items if they don’t improve your life.

messy toys, keep or tossKEEP:  Kids’ Goody-Bag Toys
Believe it or not, the small plastic toys that come in goody bags and drive-through kids’ meals will come in handy for future school projects, like 3-dimensional dioramas.

TOSS:  A bathrobe you rarely wear.
If you always opt for lounge wear or forget to pack a robe when you travel, it’s time to ask yourself: “Do I really need one?”  Sometimes things that sound luxurious are just extra items to figure out what to do with.

KEEP:  Unknown cords and wires
Label each one unknown with an expiration date of one year.  This gives you enough time to find the match.  (For example, in six months, you might find that one goes with a holiday decoration.)  If you find the match, re-label the cord.  If you don’t, toss it!

KEEP:  Plastic containers with missing lids
Even if they can’t hold your leftovers any more, random containers can work well as drawer organizers.  You can use them in your desk as well as in junk and vanity drawers. (Bigger ones can be used as water bowls for the dog!)

flower vaseTOSS:  Extra vases
Looking for a clever way to clear your cabinets of vases you never use? Try filling them with flowers from your garden and giving them away to friends and neighbors.

KEEP:  Single socks
Toss orphaned socks in with your cleaning supplies.  They work well for dusting.

gw_timelapse_pots_w_lidsWhat to do with items you’re keeping:   From the attic to the basement and everything in between, we can design storage solutions that help you get the most out of your space and create the perfect home for things that mean a lot to you. At Closet City, we offer complimentary consultations, so you have nothing to lose! 

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