Is it ‘only a closet’?

Is it only a closet?

DH19_HIS_closetWho knows how many times people have said the phrase, “It’s only a closet”. And who knows how many times we’ve had clients exclaiming after an installation that “I just LOVE my new closet!”.
Which phrase applies to you, and how do you get from phrase one to phrase two?

Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, almost everyone’s bedroom had what we’d call a “standard closet” featuring a single bar with a shelf above. However, if you haven’t noticed lately, that closet layout is no longer ‘standard’. And at the other end of the spectrum, the idea of a luxury closet isn’t quite the pipe dream it used to be either.

“As you look at Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz, it is evident that the custom closet is evolving on many levels. Builders are no longer offering the custom closet to set themselves apart, now it’s about staying relevant. The “luxury closet” is now doable at many price points; it’s just a matter of perception. I have had clients thrilled beyond measure for their simple white wall-hung closet with pink ceiling and chandelier. The next week’s client followed up with a fully lit luxury closet complete with mirror-backed cabinets.”

CLOSET_boysSo states Wendy Scott, president of ACSP (Assoc. of Closet & Storage Professionals) in her recent article in Closets & Organized Storage magazine. Wendy mentions that each year there are more “new products, new design options, and new methods to build these creative spaces”. And she’s right!

Therefore, thinking your storage space is “only a closet” is so yesterday. Depending on the size, that same closet can now be anything from an organized clothing mecca to a dressing room haven. (If you can dream it, most likely it can be done!)

Walk-in closets can range from a simple 6-ft square space to an entire attic or guest room conversion, and can include everything from center islands, entire walls of shoe shelves, custom cabinetry, and more.


Simple reach-in bedroom closets now boast double-hang rods (allowing you to store just as much hanging clothes as a single rod but in half the space). This in turn allows room for extra shelves, drawers, cubbies, and the like. Plus, having  experienced designers and craftsmen, such as those at Closet City, create a custom layout for you allows that space to truly suit all of your personal storage needs.

So if you would like your storage space to be more than “only a closet”, please feel free to reach out to us. Our designer will measure your space, determine your needs and wants, and provide you with a complimentary design and estimate.

A quick five minutes of your time will get you on the road from “only a closet” to “I love my new closet”. It’s that simple!


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