Organize your garage before winter

Organize your garage before winter


3 Reasons to Organize Your Garage Before Winter

Is your car on the driveway or street because the garage is full of “stuff”?  Why have indoor parking space if it isn’t used for what it is intended?  Here are good reasons to organize that unsightly space NOW:

  1. Snowstorms:   Scraping icy windshields in the cold, in heavy snow, and in freezing rain; fighting neighbors for the parking spot you cleared.
  2. Damage:   Dents from hail; broken glass from fallen tree limbs; other vehicles hitting your car’s mirrors, doors, or bumpers. Vandals slashing tires, breaking windows, scratching doors, and stealing electronics.
  3. Peace of Mind:  Having your car indoors, protected, is comforting and convenient. Having other possessions stored neatly, easily accessible, yet allowing room for the car inside is priceless.


DH17_GarageH_webYou’ve spent thousands of dollars to purchase, insure, and maintain your car — a mode of transportation and freedom you can’t live without here in the Pennsylvania suburbs. Therefore, protect your investment and park your car indoors — that’s what the garage was made for.

Recent studies show that approximately 3 out of 10 homeowners who have a garage actually don’t park their cars inside. Most are using the space to store “stuff”, and not in a way that allows a vehicle to cohabit the space. So if that’s the case with you, here’s a little advice on how to improve this situation.

First, as with any storage space, you must purge!

Pick a day (or two) when the weather is nice and actually pull everything out of the garage. Then ruthlessly go through all the items and trash what is broken, melted, or otherwise unusable. Place duplicates and any items you rarely or never use into a box — this either gets donated or sold at a yard sale. What remains should only be what you truly need to store — and these things can now go back into the garage.

GARAGE_NCslatwall72rgbThe second thing to do is sort what you have left.

Place like items together, and maybe even create categories such as garden tools, sports equipment, paint supplies, etc. Once you have everything sorted, now you can figure out the best way to store these items.

Here’s where the project can actually be fun . . . instead of simply plopping items back on rickety metal shelves or in plastic tubs (never to be seen again), actually plan out where things should go and come up with a storage system that makes sense to you. Items you use on a daily basis should be easily accessible; things you only need during a certain season can be stored up out of the way. Small items such as hand tools, sports gear, and general cleaning supplies are perfect for storing in drawers or stacking bins.

Drawer Stack 72webDon’t think you have to tackle this large garage organizing project on your own.  (Sure, get the entire family involved, as “many hands make light work”.)  However, for a well-thought-out storage plan, consider having one of the consultants from Closet City create a layout that meets your specific needs. With a variety of wall-hung and floor-standing cabinets, storage racks, and heavy-duty drawer units, you will achieve an organized garage that not only houses all of your “stuff”, but also allows your car to be parked indoors.

Then, when snow comes and winter winds blow, you and your car can say “bring it on!”.


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