14 Tips to Help Organize Your Holidays

14 Tips to Help Organize Your Holidays

Family at Thanksgiving Dinner. Closets and Cabinetry offers tips on Holiday home organization.

On paper, the weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year are a time to give thanks, give gifts, and celebrate the arrival of a new year. But as anyone who’s ever been to the mall in late December or planned a dinner for 30 family members can tell you, this is a stressful season.

That’s why we’ve put together these holiday home organization tips. We hope you can use something from our list to make life around your house a little easier this year.

Welcoming your guests

Coats hanging in closet . One way to organize your home for the holidays is to make sure you have plenty of space for guest winter coats.The first thing you need to do as you try to organize your home for the holidays is to make sure your home is ready to welcome guests. That means:

  1. Do an inventory of bed linens and bath towels to make sure you can accommodate any overnight guests.
  2. Unless you live in warmer climates – or this fall’s warm weather lasts all year – your guests will be arriving wearing winter coats. Make sure they have a place to put them, whether that means hanging extra coat hooks or investing in another coat rack.
  3. Stack of firewood. To help with holiday home organization, make sure to keep plenty of firewood on hand for your fireplace.Stock up on items to help keep winter at bay: firewood for your fireplace, and salt, sand or ash to protect against slick sidewalks and driveways.
  4. De-clutter your entrances, clear the walkways and yard of any trip hazards, and make the outdoors feel inviting by adding extra lighting.


woman cleaning shelf. Before decorating for the holiday clean off dust from all your shelves.Every neighborhood seems to have that house that’s so lit up for the holidays it’s practically visible from space. But if you’d rather keep things low-key, don’t worry. That’s easier than you might think:

  1. Before you decorate, dust all your surfaces. It’s easier than trying to clean around decorations.
  2. Make it a group effort. Set aside a block of time one weekend for decorating, and get your family involved.
  3. And don’t let decorating overwhelm you. No one expects your home to look like a department store’s Christmas display. Just stick to a few cherished items.

A stocked pantry. Stock you pantry ahead of the holidays so you are not scrambling during the holidays.Caring for your visitors

Every family is different when it comes to mealtimes, so we won’t presume to tell you how to cook your turkey, ham, roast, etc. But there are a few standard things you can do to get ready, and to make your guests feel welcome:

  1. You have several weeks before you need to cook, but stock up now on non-perishable ingredients necessary for your holiday feast.
  2. While you’re shopping, make sure you have enough bottled water and other refreshments to give your guests.
  3. Figure out who’s sleeping, where, before your guests arrive, and then get A murphy bed is a great way to organize foor the holidays by giving you extra space and beds for your guests.your guest rooms ready by clearing space in dressers and closets. Adding a Murphy bed to your home gives you another place for a guest to sleep.
  4. Make sure the guest bathrooms are stocked with toiletries, hand soap and air freshener.

Other considerations

A few other things to consider as you organize your home for the holidays:

  • If you have any holiday-themed dishes you’d like to use when serving dinner, dig them out and clean them off.
  • Buy stamps to put on your holiday cards now so you won’t need to endure long lines at the post office in late December.
  • Organize spaces in your home that you might not think about but that your guests could still visit, such as your garage or laundry room.

We hope you’ve found at least some of these holiday home organization tips helpful. If you need further guidance getting your home ready for the season, turn to Closet City. Our storage experts can work with you to organize virtually every part of your home before your guests arrive. Contact us today to get started!


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