Organized Storage: Comfort and Beauty for the Summer

Organized Storage: Comfort and Beauty for the Summer

A well thought out storage solution can really make your chores seem easier.

Once we get past a certain age, summertime gets a lot less relaxing. We balance parties, picnics, vacations and sporting events with work and household chores. So today we want to talk about some ways you can make your summers relaxing again with these organized storage suggestions.

Cubicle storage can really help you keep organized.1. In the closet

No one wants to give up their valuable summer days having to sort through their closet finding seasonal clothing. Make things easier with these organized storage ideas for your closet:

  • Make sure you have your fall and winter clothing tucked away somewhere else.
  • Attach hooks and hanging rods to give yourself added space for summer accessories like hats and beach bags.
  • Use shelves and closet dividers to keep your t-shirts and tank tops in neat stacks.

And remember to use all the space that you have by installing bins on high shelves, or by keeping clothing in roll-out boxes on the floor.

Closets and Cabinetry has a great ideas on how to install a murphy bed into your home for the extra sleeping space for guests.2. When you have guests

Summertime often brings guests, whether it’s a visiting friend, a family member who’s passing through town, or a college student home for the summer. Do they have a comfortable place in your home to spend the night?

You may not want to give up an entire section of your home just to create a guest room for a temporary guest. This is where a wall bed can come in handy.

Also known as a Murphy bed or a hide-away bed, they allow you to give guests a place to stay while allowing you to get more than one use out of a room. Once they’re installed, your home office, craft room or workout space can become a makeshift guest room.

Creating a pleasant and useful space for your laundry room will help you keep up on your laundry.3. Laundry day

Summertime can mean a lot of laundry: Sweat-soaked sports uniforms, muddy gardening clothes, and bathing suits that smell like salt or chlorine.

Why not handle all of this in a calm, pretty environment? One way to make things easier in the laundry room is by installing some cabinets.

Laundry rooms can be tough to keep organized, with detergent bottles, fabric softeners and hangers all vying for real estate. New laundry room cabinets can offer you a new form of organized storage to solve that problem.

A wall theatre can really save the day when your stuck in the house due to bad weather in the Summer.4. Rainy days, movie nights

In a perfect world, every summer day would be sunny, breezy and 78 degrees. But most of us are forced to deal with summers that can be too hot, too muggy or too rainy.

During those summers when you’d rather hide indoors, a beautiful wall unit housing your home theater can save the day.

This organized storage system lets you keep TVs, DVD players, computers and video game consoles all in one place, perfect for when your kids are hosting a neighborhood Nintendo tournament or you’re holding a family movie marathon.

With more people having the option to work from home having an organized office space is important for productivity.5. Working at home

More Americans are working from home than ever before, so why not do that work in a functional, well-laid-out space? If you’re going to work from home this summer, you could at least do it in style. Installing work space organization allows you to find everything you need while working from home, but also store it out of sight when your work day is over.

And if you’re looking for professionals to help you organize your home office, your laundry room, your closet or virtually any other part of your home, Closet City can help.

Our design team will work with you to find the perfect, organized storage solutions for every part of your home, so you can relax and truly to enjoy your summer!


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