How Much Are Custom Closets Worth?

How Much Are Custom Closets Worth?

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Guest post by Denise Butchko, Butchko and Company, Chicago IL

How about, “they are worth a lot”?  Probably not an answer you’re satisfied with.
How about 100% ROI?  Does that make custom closets worth more?  You betcha.  So where am I getting such a crazy number?  Consider this:

Let’s say you’ve got a new construction condo with empty, dry-walled closet space. If you invest $5000 in custom closets and live in your home with those closets for five years, you’ll easily be able to ask at least $5000 more for your home than a comp that just has a rod and shelf in all the closets.  coat closet

That’s a 100% ROI.

What if you’ve been living in your house for awhile and you’re the not-so-proud owner of several of those “rod and shelf” closets? You’ll still get back all the money you invested in custom closets. You’ll also gain space, peace of mind, and time saved looking for things.

If you are among the majority who have “stuff”, here are insights on the increased value of having well-designed places to store it.  Closets are not just a “Carrie Bradshaw thing”. We all want closet and storage space. Then we buy things, and we keep things. We inherit things, and we save things “in case we might need them someday”.

And we (for the most part) want to “hide” all of that stuff behind the closed doors of a closet.  So by installing two rods for short hang, you literally double your storage capacity. Adding shelves to any space makes the vertical space usable for items instead of just art … or the piling up of boxes.

SHOES_cornershelvesThink about this: closets are the most “high demand” space in your home (inch per inch). We all want to cram as much as possible into the space, so why not organize it so you can get the result you want?  Being organized is easier when you put the systems in place that allow you to do so.  And this makes closets one of the best investments EVER.

Leave it, or take it along?

People often ask me if can they take the closet with them when they sell. My answer is that no buyer would allow it. Customized storage space adds worth and totally sells homes. People see something beyond a rod and shelf and they lose their minds, visualizing their shoe collection in the space (that’s the dream come true part). City dwellers as well as people moving from suburbs to city need places to “stash” things. Closets are the best place to do that.

You will also have enjoyed those closets so much that you will require having the closets in your next home customized (so they’re a bit like “crack” in that way – there’s no going back). So a good closet designer can be one of the most valuable members of your team.  DH11 HERS

And custom closets allow for just that – customizability. Things can be adjusted so they work for the client in terms of varying shelf heights for shoes or rod heights for hanging garments. Accessories like valet rails and tie and belt racks, as well as hampers and jewelry drawers also allow for personalization. No one maximizes space better or makes storage space worth more than a good closet designer.

Create space where there isn’t any

Another idea is that a really qualified closet designer can look at the space in rooms, hallways and alcoves and design custom storage for it. So, if your home is shy on closet space (let’s say it’s in a vintage building with what I like to call “closette’s”), we can make suggestions on ways to increase storage capacity that’s not physically located within a closet.

I say that closets are the most important space in the house. Others say the kitchen. But think about it. You can go an entire day without cooking, but you DO have to get dressed (if you’re planning to leave the house).

Denise Butchko is a design and marketing expert who teaches these concepts with the intention of helping people grow their businesses (particularly those in the design/build industries). She’s been a contributor to Closets magazine since 2003 and is a judge for the closet industries “Top Shelf” Design Competition. Her design work has been featured in national publications like “Better Homes & Gardens” and The Chicago Tribune. She also works with some of the top interior design firms in the country.

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