Great Reasons to Install a Murphy Bed

Great Reasons to Install a Murphy Bed

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Among the many items the Brooklyn Museum has in its collection is the piano bed…which is exactly what it sounds like.

Manufactured sometime around 1885 by Smith & Co. in Boston, this was a working upright piano that folded out into a bed.

“The consumer of this convertible piano-bed could, in a way, have his cake and eat it too,” the museum says on its website, “enjoying the propriety that a piano conferred on his parlor while gaining a reasonably comfortable sleeping unit for a large family living in limited space.”

It’s this same drive that led to the invention of the Murphy Bed in the early 1900’s, and still leads people to install a Murphy bed in their home 118 years later.

Read on to learn why this classic piece of furniture still holds up today.

1. You’ll gain a new guest room

Murphy Bed in an Office makes one room with two uses.When you install a Murphy bed, you’re giving yourself a new guest room. Let’s say you have a home office, or a room you use as an exercise space, but you don’t have a place to put overnight guests.

With a Murphy bed, you can give guests a place to sleep, with the bed hidden behind cabinetry that matches the room décor. When guests arrive, just straighten up the room and pull out the bed.

On the flip side, replacing the bed in your existing guest room with a Murphy bed allows you to get more use out of that space when you don’t have guests, which for most people is 99 percent of the time.

2. You’re gaining more space

Murphy bed with book shelves make a lot more room in a small room.Beds take up a lot of space. If you have two children sharing one bedroom, you know how cramped things can get. But when you install a Murphy bed, you’re giving your kids more room for play, homework, etc.

A new Murphy bed can also give you added storage space. If you have a big book collection, or your kids have a seemingly endless tide of toys, attaching storage cabinets or shelving to your Murphy bed can provide a storage area when the bed isn’t in use.

3. They’re easy to use

Forget that old gag from cartoons and silent movies, where someone lies down on a Murphy bed only to have it snap closed.

Today’s wall beds are simple to use, folding closed and reopening with ease. It’s a lot simpler – and more comfortable – than inflating an air mattress or having someone sleep on a fold-out sofa.

4. They’re easy to customize

Are you worried that a new Murphy bed will disrupt the look of your room, or seem out of place? Fear not. Murphy beds can be custom designed, giving you the style, finish and color of your choice.

If you’re ready to install a Murphy Bed, contact the experts at Closet City. We sell twin, full and queen size Murphy beds that double as storage units which let you get the most out of living spaces.

And if you’ve found yourself in possession of an old piano bed, don’t worry: our design consultants can find a way to help it flow with the rest of your décor.  😉



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