5 Ways a Murphy Bed Can Maximize Living Spaces

5 Ways a Murphy Bed Can Maximize Living Spaces

A Murphy bed can maximize living spaces and Closets and Cabinetry can help.

According to legend, the idea for the Murphy bed was not driven by a desire to maximize living space. Rather, it was born out of one man’s desire not to embarrass his future wife.

It was the late 1800s, and William Murphy was in love with an opera singer. But it was the late Victorian era, and the customs of that time wouldn’t allow a woman to visit a man’s bedroom.

And Murphy lived in a one-room apartment, meaning that anyone visiting his place would, by definition, be entering his bedroom. His solution: an invention that let him tuck his bed into his closet, turning his bedroom into a living room.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not facing the same predicament as William Murphy. However, the purpose of his invention remains the same: to get more than one use out of a room. So, let’s look at how a Murphy bed can maximize living spaces in your home today.

1. One bedroom for two kids

If you have two kids sharing a bedroom, space might be cramped. Avoid this problem by installing a wall bed, allowing for plenty of space for play, doing homework, etc. You can also use this hide-a-bed solution to give your children’s friends a place to sleep when they stay over without having to worry about sleeping bags or air mattresses.

MB-WhiteClosed.jpg2. A playroom where they can sleep

Playrooms and family rooms are busy places, so busy that the notion of housing guests in them might seem unrealistic.

But a wall bed can make this happen, allowing you to incorporate a hideaway bed into essentially any wall design.

Just put away toys at the end of the day and pull out the bed for your guests to sleep. Even if they aren’t in an official bedroom, they’ll be grateful for the chance to sleep on a real bed.

3. In the guest room

What do you do with your guest room when you don’t have guests? You might find yourself wishing you had the space for a home office or an exercise studio, but that’s out of the question because you have a king or queen-sized bed taking up most of the room.

But using Murphy’s hideaway bed solution, you can have both. Use the room to work out or work from home 95 percent of the time, and then pull out the bed on those occasions when you have a guest.

MB DeskL2stage72.jpg4. Add a new guest room

On the flip side, a Murphy hideaway bed allows you to transform other rooms into guest rooms. Let’s say you have a home office, but need a place for guests to stay. You can hide the Murphy bed behind a cabinetry set that already matches your office décor. When guests show up, just straighten up your office and pull down the bed.

5. Extra storage

A Murphy bed can have shelves as a part of the unit for extra storage.

In addition to providing an extra place to sleep, a wall bed gives your home more storage space. If you have a lot of books, or your kids have a plethora of toys, you can attach shelving or storage cabinets to your Murphy bed and access them when the bed is folded into the wall.

If you think a hide away bed is right for your home, Closet City can help. We sell combination desk/bed units that are ideal for small college rooms or multi-purpose home offices, with an efficient design to let you get the most out of your living spaces.

We also sell and install wall beds that double as storage units, featuring a 12-inch mattress, and added storage display space when closed.

Our Murphy beds are available in twin, full and queen sizes, and will always look like a custom-designed bedroom set. Contact Closet City today to learn more. We look forward to helping you get more use out of your room.


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