Simple tips to make laundry chores easier

Simple tips to make laundry chores easier


Not many people truly enjoy doing laundry, but almost everyone can benefit from suggestions on how to make this necessary chore a bit easier. Whether your ‘laundry room‘ is actually a room of its own or simply a washer and dryer near the kitchen or down in the basement, these common-sense tips will give you a good start to having a more functional, organized space.

Common-sense laundry room layout tips:

  • Designate a spot near one of your machines for just laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Place items that are seldom used, like special cleaners or extra linens, on an upper shelf out of the way.
  • Utilize a closet rod in your laundry room and save on ironing time by hanging clothes up immediately after drying.
  • Having a closet-type rod is great for hanging up items that need to air dry.  If you don’t have room for a hanging area, a sliding valet rod will do the trick and not take up but a few inches of space.
  • Include a small trash can in your laundry area for throwing away used dryer sheets and lint.
  • Including a hamper or two, either in your closet or in the laundry room, helps keep your rooms free of unsightly “piles”.
  • An ironing board, mounted in your closet or laundry area, conserves space and adds convenience.

LAUNDRY_cherry finishSimple changes to your routine make a world of difference.

  • Spend more time sorting, and less time doing laundry. Don’t wait till wash day; sort laundry as you take off your clothes! Have two baskets in the closet, bathroom, or laundry room for dirty clothes — one for whites, and one for darks and colors. This way, you can just grab a basket and throw it in the wash.
  • Make a point to remove your clothes from the dryer while they’re still warm. The longer they sit in your machine, the more they will wrinkle.
  • If possible, iron shirts while they are still slightly damp — it will make the job much easier!
  • Check the garment care label on the item you’re ironing and set the iron to the correct temperature. Using a setting that is too high won’t just ruin your clothes, the garment may stick to the sole-plate of your iron and ruin that too!
  • When you iron with starch, iron quickly. Otherwise the starch may stick to the sole-plate of the iron and burn.
  • If you’re ironing more than one garment, it is easier to start with the lowest heat and move upwards. That way you don’t have to wait for the iron to cool.

Dry cleaning suggestions

Remove your clothes from the plastic bags as soon as you get home from the dry cleaner. The bags look messy and hinder your ability to quickly see what is hanging in your closet. Most importantly, plastic bags can cause clothes to yellow and also trap the odor of cleaning chemicals inside.

SDL Valet Chrome72Maybe you don’t have time to properly sort and hang your dry cleaning right away, yet you don’t want those freshly pressed clothes to get wrinkled? Having a telescoping valet rod handy allows you to safely hang items temporarily, and then when not in use it just slides out of the way.

Need more than just a few pointers?

If you need other laundry room storage ideas, Closet City can help. Our designers can create cabinets, shelving, and hanging areas to turn your laundry room into a more functional, organized space.



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