Controlling Kid Clutter in the Playroom

Controlling Kid Clutter in the Playroom

Girl in her messy bedroom or playroom.

Children are chaos machines. Just ask anyone who’s ever stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night.

Whether you have a new baby, or a teenager headed for college, you’ve probably come to accept a house full of clutter.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If the room where your kids keep their toys is starting to look more like a landfill, use these playroom storage suggestions to turn things around.

Keeping track of toys

“Where did all these toys come from?”

It’s a question most parents ask themselves – or each other – at some point. And while you can’t just ban toys from your home – we’re not in a Charles Dickens novel here – you can keep them contained.

Girl playing with her toys in a clean space with toys in storage boxes.Here’s how:

  • Select one or two rooms as “toy rooms,” such as the kids’ bedrooms, or a playroom.
  • From there, teach kids this all-important lesson: Every time you take a toy out, you must put another one back.
  • Where can they keep those toys? In storage bins, or better yet, in playroom cabinetry.

Mom and duaghter collecting toys and clothing for donating.As kids get older, be prepared to find new homes for older toys by donating them to charity. You’ll make another family happy, and cut down on clutter.

And we recognize that today’s kids might be more interested in playing with electronics than with toys. If that’s the case, create a designated charging station to keep all devices in one place.

If your older kids still haven’t gotten the message that organization is important, consider putting their things in time out. If your son leaves his coat where it isn’t meant to be, tuck it away in a time out box. Let him know he’ll get it back soon, but only if he remembers to put his things back in their proper place in the future.

Around the house

If you’re looking for other kids storage ideas, try these:

  • Coat rack by the door for kids to hang their coats and backpacksSmall storage bins are a great place to keep smaller toys. Label them so your son or daughter knows where to put each toy (or put up pictures to help younger kids who haven’t yet mastered reading). Organized kids grow into organized adults.
  • Set aside a spot near the door to keep shoes, coats and backpacks, whether it’s on a coat rack, shelf or a bench. You’ll keep things organized and prevent early morning “Where are my shoes?” freak-outs.
  • Use the space under your kids’ beds to keep things that aren’t used that often. It’s an ideal place for clothing, board games and larger toys.
  • We’re not telling you to stop hanging drawings and A+ report cards on your refrigerator. But by storing digital copies of those things on your phone – or on the Cloud – you’re cutting down on clutter in your home.
  • Don’t be afraid to re-purpose standard household items to store smaller items. For example, old shoe boxes are a great place for action figures, crayons or smaller toys. And Mason jars can easily become your place to organize things like toothbrushes and toothpaste and other toiletries.

BABY-baskets-202-800-600-80.jpgAt Closet City, we know the clutter that comes with having kids. And we’re ready to help. Our playroom storage experts can evaluate your space and come up with some solutions for you.

We’re a recognized expert in kids’ storage ideas. Contact us today to find out how we can help you win the battle against clutter.


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