Project Spotlight: Children’s Closet Installation

New custom children's closets!

At Closet City, we take pride in helping our customers simplify their storage systems. When a new client reached out to us looking for closets for their three children, we knew we could help! The three children lead very active lives, and needed a storage solution that would help organize their space.

Boys’ Closet

Two of the sons shared a room and closet and we could see that they were outgrowing their space. Each of them wanted to have their own areas for clothes, shoes and hats. Their old closet was very simple and only had a hang bar and a top shelf– not enough space for two growing boys!

The final closet was designed to be symmetrical to equally split spaces for each of the boys. Our designer, Janet Stevenson, created a design that had double hang rods on both sides with shelving and cubbies in the middle. Even though the design wasn’t very complex, it was just what the boys needed to store all their stuff. Although mom and dad might have other plans, the kids were most excited about storing their shoes and hats on the shelves in the middle.

Before and after of the boys’ closet transformation!


Janet also designed a bookshelf between the boys beds. They said that their plan was to use the shelving for things such as books, trophies, and video games. The shelving helped clear up floor space in the shared room to allow more space to play with friends.

Girl’s Closet

The daughter’s closet had a very similar layout to the boys, however she didn’t have to share! Janet incorporated a double hang, shelving and single long hang on the other side.

Before, during and after of the daughter’s closet transformation!

The family was so excited with the results and knew the closets would help the children’s rooms stay organized! With two customized closets tailored to the children’s needs, the kids will be able to spend more time doing what kids do best, instead of rummaging through clutter.

Even the simplest of designs can really organize your belongings and ease the stress of your life. Although it doesn’t seem like it, kids can also feel the chaos when things are untidy. Just like this client’s son, many kids would appreciate having a special place to put all their stuff and we are happy to create it for them.

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