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Organizing your children’s play room requires two key steps:  reviewing their toy, game, and book inventory, as well as making it easier for children to utilize and live in the environment.

First, inspect your children’s toy and book collection.  How many toys and books can your kids comfortably enjoy?  How many are so beat up or broken that they should be tossed?  Sort through your kids’ play room contents and keep what is still age appropriate and played with.  If possible, have them help with this process so they understand the decisions being made.  Toss the broken items, and donate unwanted items that are still in good condition.

Keep the items your children treasure the most right now in the playroom, and store the rest out of sight since having everything accessible can be over stimulating.  Pack the extras away in storage baskets or tubs, and rotate them back into play room circulation when your children seem to be getting bored with the current selection.

Make things easy to reach

Secondly, how accessible is their existing toy and book supply?  Inaccessibility is a primary reason things don’t get put away or used.  Shelves should be lower so children can reach them, and hooks hung low are easier for them to use.  Reserve high spaces for rarely used items or for toys and books on rotation.  Drawers should slide in and out easily, and should be easily opened and closed by small hands.  (These same shelves and drawers should be adjustable so new games, toys, and collectibles can be added in the future.)

For more organizing help and for a storage system that will best utilize a playroom’s space, feel free to contact us.  Take advantage of our expertise to eliminate your children’s playroom chaos!          (215) 855-4400         email:


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