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From the time they are born, children acquire a vast amount of clothing, toys, and books, which as years pass, are joined by hobbies, schoolwork, collections and sports equipment.  Whatever stage of growth your child may be in, get the most from their rooms by taking advantage of every storage opportunity.  (Planning ahead pays off big as kids grow!).  Look up, under, inside, and all over for places to add or increase useful storage.  Here are some great ways to add storage and keep your child’s room organized:

Open storage, such as book cases, shelves, hooks, and tabletops, can be visually distracting unless carefully arranged.  Shelves offer great storage:  however, they can make a room appear cluttered.  Use them for orderly rows of books, stacked games, videos, and collection displays.  Open shelves look neater when smaller items and toys are gathered into bins or baskets.

Closed storage, like cabinets, closets, chests, drawer units, and under-bed storage are ideal for items that can look cluttered, such as stacks of clothing, school supplies, and hobby materials.  These can be further organized by using dividers or storage containers.

Plan Ahead

Think of a closet as a box to be outfitted any way you choose.  Plan and use every inch of this valuable space!  Baby clothes can be hung or folded at your eye level, yet be out of reach as toddlers begin walking.  Closets later hide older children’s clothing, art supplies, collections, or stereo equipment.

Small children often need little space for hanging clothes, so, instead of one closet rod at eye level, install a versatile closet unit with adjustable shelves, drawers, and rods to create useable storage space from floor to ceiling.  For under a bed, bins or flat plastic boxes are low enough to place under the bed frame.

Window seats offer extra storage as well as functional seating.  With window seats, consider cupboard doors or drawers underneath rather than a lift up lid.  It’s easier for your child to access the space without the danger of a lid closing on fingers.  This handy storage is great for blankets, bulky toys, sleeping bags, etc.

For more helpful info on how to make better use of your child’s storage space, visit the Closet City website.

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