Our Best Home Organization Tips

Our Best Home Organization Tips

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Normally, we use this blog to focus on one part of the home – the garage, the bedrooms – or one aspect of organization and storage.

But with Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve decided to set out a buffet: a collection of some of our best home organization tips for every part of the house.

Getting the most out of your closet

Organized closet interior. Using double rods add double the storage space.Closets are our bread and butter, so we’ll start there. Whether you have a massive walk-in closet or a tiny space in the hallway, storage and organization will help you get the most out of your closet.

  • Use a double-rod closet organizer to make the most of the closet height. Keep shorter items – blouses or tank tops – up top, with skirts and pants down below.
  • Installing closet cabinets inside a wall closet essentially gives you a closet within your closet, perfect for storing shirts and accessories.
  • Organize your shoe collection by keeping slender shoes such as flats or sandals in cubbies, while resting tall boots on shelves when they aren’t in season.
  • Make sure your closet is well lit, allowing you to get a more accurate glimpse at the colors and patterns on your clothing. And if you have a big walk-in closet, installing proper lighting keeps you from having to get dressed in the dark.
  • Get rid of clutter. Big closet or small, every inch of space counts. Take a cold, hard look at your collection, and give away anything you don’t wear.

An upgraded garage

Garage storage. Garages can store more than your car and you can also create a small office space.

Most people use their garage as a storage space, rather than as a place to park their car. But that often leads to an area that’s overstuffed and disorganized. Here are a few quick home organization tips aimed at your garage.

  • Organize your garage by grouping things into categories: tools, holiday decorations, gardening supplies, etc. This will give you a better idea of what size storage containers you need.
  • The two biggest considerations when organizing your garage are how much available space you have, and how frequently you use each category. Don’t give prime real estate to something you only use occasionally, like Christmas lights.
  • Your garage doesn’t have to be the place where you store your car or your stuff. Read our past blog posts to get some home organization tips on turning your garage into a work space, an upscale man cave, or a place to barbecue.

Laundry day made easy


We’re not sure anyone enjoys doing laundry, but it’s a household task that can become a little more manageable with the right approach.

  • Laundry becomes less of a chore when you organize your appliances and work surfaces so they follow the typical laundry day pattern: sorting, washing, drying, folding.
  • Installing a laundry room storage cabinet will allow you to keep all your laundry/clothing care items – bleach, detergent, dryer sheets, etc. – in one space.
  • Investing in a wall-mounted ironing board can let you tackle ironing right away, rather than digging out an ironing board tucked away in another part of the house.

The miracle of the Murphy bed


Installing a Murphy bed allows you to get more than one use out of your rooms. For example:

  • For families with kids sharing a bedroom, a Murphy bed saves space. One bed folds into the wall, giving the kids more room to play, do homework, get dressed, etc.
  • You’ve set aside space for a guestroom, but you rarely have guests. Don’t resign yourself to having a room with an unused bed. Put in a Murphy bed, and use that room as a home office or workout area. You can fold down the bed when guests arrive.
  • A wall bed can give you more storage. Just attach shelving or storage cabinets to access items when the bed is folded up.

If all these home organization tips sound like too much, don’t worry. We’re not saying you need to tackle them all at once. And you don’t need to go it alone.

Contact the closet reorganization team at Closet City to get started. From closets to bedrooms, and garages to mudrooms, we’ll help you get the most out of all your spaces!


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