7 Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

7 Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Ornaments in storage box

The holiday season is in full-swing, and chances are you’re in full celebration – or at least preparation – mode. The last thing you want to think about is putting away your decorations.

And that’s fine. We don’t want to burst your seasonal bubble by making you focus on holiday decoration storage tips.

So, if you want to bookmark this and come back in January, we’ll understand. For everyone else, let’s look at some ways to keep your lights, ornaments and other decorations in good shape until the next holiday season comes around.

1. Protecting breakable ornaments

Ornaments and bubble wrapA lot of holiday ornaments are made from fragile materials, and need extra padding to stay safe. Keep ornaments in their original packaging, or use bubble wrap. You can keep small ornaments inside an old egg carton.

Pack your ornaments like you would your groceries: heaviest pieces on the bottom, lighter, more fragile items on top.

Even if they don’t break, sturdier ornaments can still get scratched. Keep them safe with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Make sure you mark boxes and bins to denote any fragile contents.

2. Untangling your lights

iStock-483612030_RT.jpgYour Christmas lights. So bright. So colorful.

So frustrating, which is why lights rank high on any list of holiday decoration storage tips.

While the bulbs hanging on your tree or your house might be pretty, there are fewer holiday chores more frustrating than having to untangle a long string of lights.

You can avoid that aggravation by wrapping the lights around a commercial reel, or – if you’re a fan of more DIY solutions – around a clothes hanger. Once they’re wrapped up, store the strands in bags, bins or boxes for future use.

3. Keeping garlands together


If you’ve hung garland along your staircase or over your windows, chances are you’ve linked a combination of shorter garlands to find just the right length for these spaces.

Make your life easier by storing these garlands just as you hung them, with white twist ties marking the spots where the garland was pulled up for swags.

You can store garland in a large storage box. Just remember to mark each box to denote where the garlands will get hung.

4. Taking a village

Do your holiday decorations include things like a wintry village or a Nativity scene? Be sure to store these pieces in one place, in marked containers.

artifical tree inside of tree storage zip bag5. Oh, Christmas tree…

If you own an artificial Christmas tree, you can store it in a tree-storage bag. These bags are available to handle both standing or disassembled trees.

6. Protecting your linens

Christmas stockings, holiday-themed table cloths, napkins and placemats are all susceptible to moisture. Store them in a cool, dry place, and keep them together so you know where to find them.

7. Keep Parts Together

You’ll have an easier time finding your things next year if you keep things together. That means adhering to these last few holiday decoration storage tips.:

  • Putting your wreath hanger with your wreath decorations
  • Keeping the floor-protecting plastic with your tree stand and tree skirt
  • Taping a bag of extra light bulbs to the end of the string of lights
  • Storing holiday placemats with holiday dishes (assuming you have room)

Do you need help storing your holiday decorations? Visit Closets & Cabinetry. Our expert designers will help you personalize your storage spaces with solutions that fit your home, so that you can be ready when the next holiday season comes around.


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