Preparing for the Holidays

Preparing for the Holidays


Here’s a new twist on “Getting Organized” . . . As we head toward Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow, it can seem overwhelming to complete the mental lists we’re already forming in our heads.  Here are some projects to start early so that as holiday time nears, we have more time to spend with our family and friends.

  • First, check your holiday cards list and consider trimming it down. Send only to those people you won’t be able to see over the holidays, and begin to address the envelopes. Although it’s nice to add personal notes when the warm holiday spirit begins to fill us, we rarely enjoy addressing the envelopes.
  • Have your children go through their toys to purge items they’ve grown out of or that no longer have meaning to them. This can be a good lesson in sharing what we have with people/children who have very little. And have the kids consider that they might not have room for new toys unless they make some space.
  • Consider baking your holiday cookies now and freezing them for later use. Be sure to check the recipes to be sure they can be frozen.
  • Purchase holiday paper early, and wrap and label each holiday gift when you bring it home from the store. You will find that it’s fun to simply to add the bows a few days before giving.

Messy ClosetIn conclusion:

If you take just one of these steps now, we’re sure you’ll find more time to relax and enjoy yourself with less stress later.  Should you need help in storing things a little better — a better system for your pantry, improved storage in the kids’ closets and playroom, or whatever — please consider contacting us. We’d be glad to offer advice and provide you with an complimentary consultation and estimate. No stress there!


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