Get Ready to Barbecue (in Your Garage)

Get Ready to Barbecue (in Your Garage)

Barbecue season is almost always upon us, and while backyard cookouts are a time-honored tradition, we’re here to make the case for a different sort of summer celebration: the garage party.

Your garage might not be the first place you think of when planning a gathering, but with the right adjustments, you can turn it into a guest-friendly, summer meeting place.

Garage OrganizationHere are a few garage organization tips to help you get ready for your next summer celebration.

1. Get organized

Planning a party that will incorporate your garage? It’s time to look for some garage storage solutions. By organizing your space, you’ll make sure you’ve kept your items safe and easy to access once your guests have gone home.

And once you’ve invested in some garage storage solutions, you’ll have freed up some space in your garage for your guests to wander and mingle. Ask yourself if there are items you can – temporarily – move into your backyard or other parts of your home.

2. Remove any hazardous materials

There’s nothing festive about a jug of weed killer or your old chainsaw, so take some time to remove all chemicals, tools, or other harmful materials from your garage before your guests arrive. They should be your number one priority – especially if they’ll have curious kids in tow. This is another place where a garage organization system can help.

3. Leave your grill outside

It’s the day of your cookout, and the skies seem to threaten rain. You might be tempted at this point to move your grill into your open garage.

Ignore that temptation. Grills are not meant for indoor use. For one thing, moving them indoors presents a fire hazard. More importantly, charcoal and gas grills give off carbon monoxide, which would be lethal if allowed to collect inside your garage.

The National Fire Protection Association says you should only use grills outside, away from your home, deck railings, and open branches.

GARAGE_HDcloseup72rgb.jpg4. Add a refrigerator

Some people keep an extra refrigerator in their garage. If you’re not one of them, it may be time to start. It will save your guests from having to keep going back into the house to get drinks and snacks.

5. Get some portable furniture

If your garage is the place where you’d normally keep your car, it’s unlikely that you have room for a sofa where your guests can lounge. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable. Invest in some cozy chairs that you can fold up and hang in your garage when they aren’t in use.

6. Decorate!

Make your garage feel more festive by adding some plants, flowers and colorful, summery décor to make the space feel more inviting.

If you want to host your next summer soiree out of your garage, Closet City can provide the garage storage solutions you need.

We are proud to be an authorized dealer for the Carolina Garage Company, offering more than 250 cabinet design options and 11 premium stylized powder coat finishes.

More than that, our design and storage experts can work with you to turn your garage into something more than just a place to keep your car. Contact us today to get started.



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