Create an Upscale Man Cave in Your Garage

Create an Upscale Man Cave in Your Garage

A garage can be a lot of different things. The place where you park your car. A space to keep tools and Christmas decorations. A rehearsal studio if one of your kids decides to start a band.

But today we’re going to suggest a different use for your garage: The Man Cave.

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Now, we realize that a lot of you may treat your garage as a man cave already. Maybe it’s a place where you can tinker around and listen to music, but chances are it’s still space you need to share with your family’s automobiles, cleaning supplies, lawnmowers, etc.

We’re here to suggest that with the right garage storage solutions, your garage can become much more comfortable.

Here are a few steps you’ll need to take when turning your garage into a proper man cave.

1. Clear Some Space

Like we said above, your garage may play home to a lot of different things: bikes, old clothes, tools. If you want to turn the space into a man cave, it’s time to get organized.

Do an inventory of all the things in your garage and decide what you and your family need, and what you can sell, donate or recycle. As for the items that you still need, ask yourself whether they can be stored elsewhere in your house. If not, you may want to invest in some custom garage storage solutions.

2. Insulate Your Space

You can picture it now: Super Bowl Sunday is here, and your man cave is the place to watch the game. Then you remember how chilly your garage gets in February.

That’s why you’ll need to consider insulation for your floors, wall, ceiling and doors. Garage insulation tends to be cheaper than other home insulation jobs, especially if you can do the installation yourself.

3. Light Your Space

Again, what works for your garage may not be appropriate for your man cave. This includes the existing lighting in your garage. Some recessed lights make for a nice modern touch. Lighting can be complicated, so consider working with a professional to handle installation, especially if you have a detached garage.

4. Flooring

You want your man cave to be a place where you can unwind, but it’s hard to feel relaxed when the floors are made of concrete.

Consider installing some new flooring, whether that means floor boards, carpeting, area rugs or even more upscale flooring options.

5. Security

Your man cave might include some high-priced items: a giant TV, stereo equipment, sports memorabilia. We realize that your garage likely has some level of security already, but you may want to install additional measures if you’ll be adding new features to the garage.

6. Outfitting The Man Cave

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, it’s time to think about all the things that will make your man cave yours: Comfortable seating, a bar and refrigerator, cabinets and storage, posters and other artwork. It’s your space, outfit it with the things that feel like home.

If you’re ready to turn your garage into a man cave but are worried you need some garage storage solutions to organize all your stuff, contact Closet City. We are an authorized dealer for the Carolina Garage Company, offering more than 250 cabinet design options and 11 premium stylized powder coat finishes.

It’s our goal to help you make the most of your garage, whether you’re using it for storage, or turning it into your home away from home.




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