6 Tips To Organize Your Garage

Closet City - 6 Tips To Organize Your Garage

iStock-175192223.jpgDo you use your garage to park your car? Or do you use it to store your stuff? If you said “Yes” to the second question and “No” to the first, you’re not alone. Only about 30 percent of us store our cars in our garages. But we’re here to tell you your garage can be both: somewhere to park your car, and – to quote George Carlin – “a place for your stuff.”

Investing in a few garage cabinets or storage closets can help take the clutter out of your parking space and into an easily-accessible area. Here are a few tips for getting your garage more organized.

1. Pace Yourself

This isn’t a project you’ll knock out in an hour or two. Give yourself a whole weekend – or two back-to-back days off – so your stuff won’t sit piled up for too long. And wait for dry weather: you’ll need to move some items out of the garage for a while.

2. It’s Not A One-Person Job

There’s a reason people hire professional garage organizers: this is a tough task to tackle on your own. If you don’t hire an expert, at least enlist friends or family members to assist you, and have a plan for directing whoever you work with toward your goal.

3. Put Things TogetherGARAGE sports equipment

Gather everything in the garage into categories (tools, gardening supplies, holiday decorations, sports gear, etc.) and put everything in their proper groups. Place everything in boxes, and label those boxes until you’re ready to store them. It’s better to wait to buy storage containers until you know what size you’ll need.

4. Throw Things Out

There’s probably a few things in your garage that you don’t need or use anymore. It’s time to give them away, put them out front with a “Free” sign, or toss them into the trash bin. You’ll end up with much more space, and only what you truly need to store will remain.

5. Plan Your Garage LayoutGARAGE wall hooks

Decide which part of the garage you want each category of items to stay. Your two most important considerations are available space and how frequently you use each category. It’s not a great idea to give valuable real estate to, say, your Christmas lights while keeping your rakes and snow shovels in a hard-to-reach spot.

6. Install Garage Cabinets

Now that you know where everything is going and how much container space you need, you can begin to install garage closets and cabinets, hang storage racks, etc.

It’s also worth considering whether some of the things you’ve been storing in your garage actually belong in the garage:

  • Your garage may get very cold in the winter or hot and stuffy in summer, and paint doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures. Store it in a more temperate place.
  • Propane tanks should always remain outdoors, as a spark in your garage could ignite fumes.
  • Paper goods can attract roaches and other insects, so keep these items indoors. The same goes for pet food: keeping it in your garage will tempt your local possums, raccoons and other critters.
  • Unless your garage has air conditioning, having a refrigerator out there is a huge drain on your energy bill.

Garage cabinet displayIf you’re ready to get your garage in order, contact Closet City for a no-cost consultation (link below). Our experts are ready to help turn your garage into an efficient space. We’re on top of all the latest trends in garage storage — this allows us to turn your garage into both an extension of your living space, and a place to keep your car!

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