Holiday Stowaways

Holiday Stowaways

Holiday decorationsIt’s that holiday time of year and Santa is not the only one who will be slipping into your house.  Yes, I am talking about friends and family descending into your home … hopefully not via the chimney!

Get a head start on organizing your home now, so that you can enjoy it, and allow both you and your guests the ability to move about the house with relative ease. Here are some suggestions that may help relieve your stress and allow you to hang on to your sanity!

coat closet1) Move out-of-season coats from the entry coat closet and store in a garment bag in your storage area or in the appropriate family member’s closet.

2) Empty a drawer or two in a dresser in each of the guest rooms and temporarily store those items in a container on a shelf or floor in the closet.  Now your guest(s) can unpack, and suitcases can roll away under the bed or in a corner.

3) Buy some multi over door hooks for every guest’s bedroom and/or closet door. These are inexpensive, take up virtually no room, and can accommodate guest towels, robes, and suits or dresses. Remember to make room for those guests that are banished to the sofa bed too!

4) Clean the linens and make the beds in each room, including the sofa bed. Leave a mint on the pillow… or maybe some leftover Halloween candy!

Here are a few more suggestions:

5) Create bins with items just for your guests. Buy a decorative or fabric covered bin for each potential guest. Use a hanging gift tag to personalize each one. Inside roll up a set of towels, travel size toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, soap, etc. Your guests can carry their bins to the bathroom with them much like a college student does with a shower caddy. Toss in some candy for munchies and a water bottle to quench thirst in the middle of the night. Put an extra blanket in each guest room in case it gets chilly.

6) Fill a small area in the pantry for snacks and the fridge for drinks for your guests and let them know to help themselves.

7) Unpack the holiday decorations and use the empty bins/boxes to store items that are not necessary and/or important to leave out, like knick knacks, books, magazines, and piles of your kid’s artwork!  When it’s time to put the holiday decorations back, just do a swap!

Using these tips will make your guests feel at home and keep your mind at peace.  And if some of your bedroom closets could use a bit of updating in order to better accommodate your guests (and year-round storage), contacting Closet City is another way to bring ease and peace into your life. Happy Holidays!Holly holiday cartoon

Today’s post source:  Kathy Luskus, Owner & Organizing Consultant
Orderly Manor Organizing
P. O. Box 201,  Newtown Square, PA 19073,  610-324-2445

Kathy’s Credentials:
President:  NAPO (Nat’l Assoc of Professional Organizers),  Greater Philadelphia Chapter;
Member:  NAPO Golden Circle;   Member:  Holistic Organizers Roundtable



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