Get Real” about Decluttering”

Get Real" about Decluttering"

closet get real With a bit of determination, your closet can be neat and tidy like this one too!

You’ve seen so many of the “get organized” tips and “how to” articles on clearing clutter … (if not, we have quite a few to share!) … but today’s post is all about Getting Real”.

How so?  It’s time to actually put some of those organizing strategies into action in your life — call it spring cleaning, call it downsizing — or just call it what it is:  get rid of the piles of junk, boxes of stuff, multitudes of no-longer-worn clothes, and over-filled shelves of “collectibles” — it’s time to declutter!

closet solutions, space planning for closetsGet Real:   Think about it, you put something in a box up on the top shelf of your closet — and then later forget you even own that item, right?  If you’ve forgotten that you own it, then why, when you open the box years later, do you insist on continuing to save it?  (The same goes for all of the things you’ve squirreled away in that self-storage unit.)  Clear it out — trash what can’t be used by someone else, donate what can!

Get Real:   Less is more!

You really don’t need 11 pairs of brown pants, 17 blue polo shirts, 20 pairs of jeans, and 12 sandals, do you?  Pare down your wardrobe to the essential items you truly need to have, to items you actually wear, and to those that fit NOW.  You can always reward yourself after that substantial weight loss by purchasing a new outfit to fit the new you — rather than squeezing back into an old outfit you’ve been hanging on to for 20 years!

cluttered closet, closet organizationIf you’re not hoarding “someday I’ll wear these again” items, but still have a bulging closet, you may need to rethink your wardrobe.  Treat yourself to one or two well-made pieces that say “style,” rather than 10 poorly-made items that scream “xxx-mart.”  Again, trash what isn’t nice enough to be worn by someone else, and donate what is!  (As you sort your clothes, immediately put donation items in a bag or box. When you’re done sorting, immediately take it out to the car so you don’t change your mind!)

Get Real:   Getting organized is like a shell game.  To make room for one thing, others need to move around, and you may initially forget where something ended up.  Sometimes items end up getting moved again and again before finding the right home.  The process takes time and patience, and a little thinking, planning, and memory on your part!

get real garageGet Real:   Rome wasn’t built in a day!

When organizing even the smallest areas, realize a lifetime of bad habits can’t be changed in just one afternoon.  Nor can you clear out years of clutter from an overstuffed garage and completely reorganize it in a few hours.  Give yourself time, work on one area at a time, and celebrate small successes.  Keep plugging away at the clutter!  Spend a few minutes every now and then throughout the year to maintain areas that have been completed.  A little upkeep as you use and replace things is much easier to do than a complete overhaul every spring!

cherry closetAnd if you need better storage solutions for the items that remain, we hope you’ll give us a call.  Our space planning pros will come up with the perfect system to fit your personal needs and habits!  (215) 855-4400  — Closet City, Montgomeryville PA

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