The Clutter Continuum

The Clutter Continuum

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Being organized is different than being neat and tidy …

Clutter is anything that gets in the way, physically and emotionally, in your daily life.  No matter who you are, there is a lot to be gained from getting organized.  Being in control of your stuff, not your stuff being in control of you, is important to happiness, time management, and our overall daily functioning.

The Clutter BeforeThe clutter continuum is vast, but the weak spot is usually the closet.  If you’re at the point where your clothes don’t fit in the closet, you haven’t seen the floor in the last year, or you’ve forgotten what’s on the top shelf, it’s time to regain control of your closet!  A closet that is jam packed will remain that way unless it is downsized.  Routinely purge and empty closet contents, sorting the items into groups for keeping and for giving away.


Know where everything is and how to keep it that way.

If there is structure to your closet, you will know exactly where to go.  It’s like always putting your car keys in the same spot so you can find them easily.  Try grouping clothes by item and then arranging by color.  The initial time it takes to sort your skirts, blazers, and suits is well worth the effort!  Instead of looking up, down, right and left for something, you will go to a sea of black, blue, green, etc., and find just what you need.

When the task is done and everything in your closet has a place or purpose, how do you keep it that way?  Enforce a little discipline upon yourself, and spend 10 minutes a day to maintain order.  (Just like a diet, if you revert to old habits, the weight will come right back!)  For example, place dirty clothes in the hamper, put shoes back in their place, and remove dry cleaning bags.  In just a few minutes, you can clear the floor, hang up pants, or organize a bag or purse.  This small, daily time investment prevents clutter build-up that can sabotage hours of hard work!

walk-in closet lineartOnce your closet contents are streamlined and organized, you may find the space itself is hampering your ability to keep it that way.  That’s where we come in!  Our space-planning experts can design a system to suit your personal habits and storage area — maximizing and beautifying your closet — and ridding you of any “continuums”.  🙂



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