An Uncluttered Closet — how do you get one?

An Uncluttered Closet by Closet City -- how do you get one?

MapleReachin1 web72First of all, to open a closet and find what you need fast, things should be uncluttered, visible, and easy to access. Gain control by taking stock of your closet’s contents. You’ll want to pull everything out and divide into categories, such as sweaters, pants, dresses, blouses, and jackets. Keep only what you use and love. Be merciless in judgment — throw out clothes that are stained, torn, pilled, or out of shape. Get rid of fashion mistakes you bought but never wore, and that oversupply of painting or gardening clothes.

Furthermore, keep only your current size and give away what doesn’t fit anymore. When everything you own fits, there’s no wondering what to wear in the morning. Non-fitting clothes waste precious space and cause unnecessary clutter. And as you purchase new items, “rotate stock” by eliminating an older, seldom worn item. Keep in mind that one-in and one-out is maintenance, two-in and one-out is clutter, and one-in and two-out is organized!

Keep it simple and stay focused

CherryReachin2 web72When decluttering, work on one closet at a time, starting with the one that stresses you out the most. To be successful, stay in one area and sort through everything until it is done; don’t get distracted by messes elsewhere. A common mistake is “scatter organizing” – doing a little of this area, a little of that one. You won’t see progress that way, and are more likely to abandon the project.

Only you see the inside of your closets, and no one else cares if you cram things in and shut the door. But organizing and keeping that closet uncluttered is for YOU — it’s identifying what is important to you and giving yourself access to it.

Closets don’t become cluttered on their own, and new habits need to be formed to keep newly-organized closets clutter free. Organized closets save you much more than time; and Closet City has the experience and know-how to help guide you to more uncluttered, organized living. Call today!

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