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Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Organizers
To determine what is right for you and your situation, ask yourself these questions.  You may not know the answers yet, but organizers you contact can help you determine the answers.  Look for pros with NAPO credentials (the National Association of Professional Organizers).

Q:   What can one of these pros help me with? 

A:   Anything!  There are professional organizers that specialize in everything from putting together photo albums to planning parties for special occasions.  There are organizers who will help get your computer files in order, or who will work with you on managing paper. Some organizers even work with you on intangibles like goal setting and coaching you to be your best.  Most folks only think of pro organizers as someone who helps you get your clothes off the floor and into the closet (and for uncluttering said closet). And, obviously many of them can do this.  Interview a few different organizers about their experience in the area of your home that you want to work on, and pick the person who feels right for you.

Q:   Will a professional organizer make me get rid of things?

A:  No one is going to force you to get rid of things.  A professional organizer will help you make decisions about what to do with the things that need organizing in your life.  But remember, your organizing will be limited to your physical space, and as much as we would like to keep everything, some tough decisions on your part might have to be made.

Q:   How long will it take to get organized?

A.   That all depends on how involved, committed, and motivated you are to the process.  Because it IS a process … a dynamic one!  None of us become organized once and consider the job finished.  It is an on-going process that changes as your needs change.

Once you’ve determined what items you are going to keep, you may need a better way of storing them. This is where Closets and Cabinetry by Closet City can help. Our organizing professionals have spent years helping people find the most efficient use of their storage spaces. We won’t just install cookie-cutter units, but rather find a custom solution that matches your needs. Contact us today and we’ll get started on creating the perfect space for your storage needs.

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