Kitchen Organizing: Easy does it!

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Kitchens may be called the “heart of a home”, but most likely are also the heart of your family’s chaos!  So, start your organizing efforts there.  (An organized kitchen is a much more efficient kitchen.)  Even if your cooking doesn’t qualify you as a candidate for the next episode of  the latest reality cooking show, you’ll work better when you know where to find things.  So here are a few very simple, EASY things you can do to get started on a more organized kitchen.  Once you accomplish these tasks and consciously maintain order in these areas, you can move on to more “advanced” suggestions!

Food Storage:

Arrange your canned foods and cereal boxes alphabetically. LOL, just kidding!  You don’t have to go to that extreme.  But, ideally your canned goods and other food items should be organized.  When they are, you are less likely to purchase duplicate items.  You are also less likely to end up throwing out something that is past its use-by date.  Thereby saving you money!

Stack soups and other canned goods on shelves with the front labels facing you, with like items stacked on top of one another.  This way you know what and how many of each you have.  Store boxes of like items together also (pasta, cereals, snacks).  Lay boxes down and stack them with the oldest box on top (and then consume the box on top first).  When you purchase new boxed food items, slide them under the existing stack so that box of cereal you bought last month isn’t still sitting there 6 months from now!


Do you have all your flatware or cooking utensils tossed willy nilly into a drawer?  You’d be surprised how much more organized these items can be if you simply insert a divided tray into the drawer.  First, empty the entire drawer and sort the utensils, putting like objects together.  If you have too many of any one utensil, consider tossing or donating extras (i.e., don’t put them all back in the drawer!).  Wash out the inside of the drawer, insert the divided tray, and place the utensils you’re keeping in the various compartments. Also, you may want to consider keeping your most used cooking utensils in an attractive container on or near the stove, such as in a crock, mason jar, etc, so they’re easy to reach and to save you steps back and forth to the drawer.

Kitchen Linens:  Have you sorted through your pot holders and dish towels lately?  Both should be washed and replaced on a regular basis.  They’re not meant to last forever, yet folks are often reluctant to get rid of them.  So, get rid of any pot holders or kitchen towels that have holes or excessive burned spots, and then sort what remains.  Older, faded towels can be used for baking and drying dishes.  Newer, nice-looking towels can hang from a stove or fridge handle for drying wet hands.

Organizing pots and pans:

A recent trend is to replace lower kitchen cabinets with storage drawers so pots can be accessed more easily.  (Picture not needing to get on your knees in order to reach that big pot in the back.)  However, if changing out your cabinet for a drawer isn’t an option at this time, simply stacking your pans can make a huge difference.  Stack your pots and pans with the largest ones on the bottom.  For easy access, make sure the handles face out so you can easily grab the one you want.

We will have more easy organizing tips soon, and if the storage racks and drawers pictured within this post look like something you would like to order to improve the storage in your kitchen, please contact our office for information.  (215) 855-4400

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