Your Garage: black hole or systematic storage?

Organizing Your Garage: Reclaiming Your Garage as a Workspace


Garages are one of the most common areas people have difficulty keeping in order.  Most people perceive them as one giant storage bin, a catch-all area for things that really don’t have a place.  These things add up and start going vertical after the horizontal space has been covered.  In some cases, it is almost like living with a landfill attached to your house.  Along with having a sore view to look at and live with, it is also a potential safety hazard!

Consulting with a professional organizer

People have the most difficulty in the initial sorting stage. An expert organizer will be able to help you during this process on deciding what to keep and what to let go as well as going through the process itself. When this step is completed, the size and specifics for your needs for storage areas and functional work and play spaces can be decided. Starting with a functional garage organizing system is the key! Even though you may clean up the garage from time to time, without a good system in place, it will inevitably soon get back to looking as bad as it did when you started. After the initial sorting, a closet systems company can be your next step to understand what your options are.

Consulting with a space planning expert
A good storage designer will consider your space, your belongings, and your lifestyle by asking the correct questions, and then spend time with you to make suggestions for a few design options based on your responses. Depending on what needs to be stored, your options may include shelving, free-standing cabinets, wall or work-top cabinets, slat wall (and hooks or racks) for tools and odd-shaped items, etc.

GARAGE-ClosetCityWEBAfter your storage system is installed, categorize.

Depending on how much of each you have, designate one shelf, or the whole side of a cabinet, to each of the following categories:  Tools, Gardening, Games & Sports, Painting, Car, and so on.  Label the shelves or cabinet doors with the name of the category so that everyone can easily see where to look and where to put things back when they are done with them.  (For tools, your subcategories can be wrenches, pliers, drills, screwdrivers, nails, etc.)

If you want to be really organized, go one step further and divide containers with smaller ones to separate regular wrenches from Allen wrenches, and regular screwdrivers from Phillips heads. Label the containers! You could do the same process with different sizes of nails and screws. These things may seem to take a lot of time initially. But when you are done, you will have a permanent system, which will keep saving you time and money again and again.

Assign Homes – Always place items where you can easily see and reach them. Don’t stack things on top of each other unless they are rarely used. Place similar items together.

GARAGE-CabinetsMaintain Order – When you’re done with something, put it back in its place! This will be very easy and quick once you are organized.  Being more strict with yourself now develops a habit of putting things away and saves you time and aggravation later. Don’t let all of today’s hard work in organizing the garage be for naught!

For more helpful information on garage organization and storage options, visit the GARAGE page of Closet City’s website — or complete our easy contact form.


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