So, you want to have a YARD SALE …

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Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and so is summer, and yard sale season!  So now would be the perfect time for us to share some tips on how to set up and prepare for your back yard junk-selling adventure . . .

Gather your inventory:

Yard sale inventory is right under your nose; the first step is to find it.  In the weeks before your event, scour closets, cupboards, bookcases, and the basement or attic for sale finds.  How to decide?  Ask these questions:  “Have I cooked with it, worn it, displayed it, used it, or read it within the last year?”.  If not, it goes into the sell pile!

Consider finding a clutter buddy — two heads are better than one — and a two-family event gets twice the traffic.  Once an item’s marked for sale, be stern with yourself!  Store your inventory in black plastic garbage bags or boxes with lids so you don’t change your mind.

Set a date:   Choose your day, and plan a one-day sale, max!  And, have a strategy for day’s end.  Many charities will pick up all unsold items, so call and schedule a 3pm pickup for sale day.  If there isn’t a pick-up service available, then be prepared to box the leftovers for your own delivery to a thrift store donation site.  Whatever you do, don’t let your yard sale survivors back in the house!  If you can’t sell this stuff, what do you want with it anyway?

Prep and price:   Assess your inventory.

Does it look drab?  A little elbow grease can yield big bucks.  Run dusty dishes and filmy glassware through the dishwasher.  A quick spritz of automotive vinyl protectant makes small appliances and plastic items shine like new.  Clean, fresh-smelling clothing on hangers commands a higher price than stained and rumpled items tossed into boxes.  Use plastic food storage bags to group children’s game pieces, display jewelry, and hold hardware bits and pieces.  Even though haggling is part of the yard sale scene, price every item and save yourself a lot of energy.  Buyers are more apt to buy when they know the price is in their ballpark, and a crowded carport is no place to have to come up with a last-minute price.

This should be enough to get you started and keep you busy for a few days. We will share even more info on this topic next week (how to set up shop, play salesman, and what to do after the sale is over).  See you then!

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