Spring Cleaning: Kids’ Closets

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As you and your kids change out winter wardrobes for more summer-like clothing, take advantage of this time to do some “spring cleaning” in those closets!

Cleaning closets is not difficult, but we rarely do it.  It is actually pretty simple. You should periodically clean all your closets for convenience and to help preserve your sanity.  If your closet resembles a cartoon closet where everything falls out every time the door is opened, it’s time you got to work!

Here’s what to do:

Step one is easy —  empty the closet, take everything out. This should be obvious, but so many people try to clean without emptying that this is worth mentioning.

Next, sort the contents into piles.  Your piles may vary, but will typically include “keep in closet,” “get rid of,” “store elsewhere,” and “not sure.”  While the closet is empty, you may want to vacuum and dust it, and perhaps wash any clothes or other contents that need it.

The get rid of category is somewhat obvious.  If in doubt, throw it out.  You can donate to charity any goods with value, but some will no doubt be garbage bound.  Whatever you do, get rid of this stuff pronto!  (Let the kids help in deciding what goes and stays.)

The store elsewhere pile are things you want, but that don’t belong in that closet. Find a good place for them to live.  The not sure category can take a little time, but you need to go through item by item.  You’ll either dispose of each item, put it in the remaining keep in closet pile, or find somewhere else for it to go.

Before you and the kids put the remaining items back in their closet, you may want to do some planning.  Look at your overall closet design and layout — you may want to add some storage structure to make maximum use of your closet space.

For more “how to” help in getting your kids’ closets a bit tidier, we would like to share an informative blog post from our friend Sabrina, a professional organizer.

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