Spring Cleaning: Home Office

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Do you work from a home office, or at least have a desk or workstation where you pay bills and file paperwork?  Then, just like any other area in your home, you need to purge the old stuff. Plus, you need to file away the important things, and get things straightened up.  Whether it is spring or not, it is time for some serious cleaning!

To provide you with some initial ideas as to what to do with the multitudes of paperwork you have piled everywhere, we are sharing a short blog post from our friend Sabrina, who is a professional organizer.  However, we also have some great organizing suggestions for your physical office space. We offer helpful information and photos on our website (should your office need a bit of a makeover!).  We have created and improved several office spaces, both residential and commercial. So if you like what you see in our photos online, feel free to contact us.  We would love to help you with your office space!

Not just a spring event

“Cleaning” is a great rainy-day project, but is definitely a good thing to do periodically throughout the year, no matter what the weather or season.  Good luck!

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