Closet City Has Moved!

Closet City Has Moved!

 Moving-Truck-with banner og Closets and Cabinetry Logo and moved to Harleysville announcement

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog post arguing that “bigger isn’t always better” when it comes to custom storage solutions.

Sometimes, you might just need to improve the way your use your current space, or purge items you no longer use.

And for a long time, that’s what we’ve tried to do with our building in Montgomeryville, our headquarters for more than 30 years.

Even as our product line has expanded, and our manufacturing process has evolved, we’ve reorganized our offices, showrooms and production facilities multiple times to better accommodate these changes.

But there comes a time where you just need to cry “Uncle!” and opt for a larger home. That’s what we’ve done in moving our operations to a new facility in Harleysville.

Hand with mqap pin on mapIn doing so, we’ve embraced the change because it’s good for our operation and therefore, good for our customers. Better workflow. Better storage systems. Better overall working conditions.

Moving has been a challenge – physically, mentally and emotionally – but in the end, we believe our new location will better serve our daily needs. This, in turn, will let us better serve you, the local homeowners who make up our loyal customer base.

As you might imagine, moving a manufacturing business hasn’t been easy, so we thank you all for your patience during this process.

It’s our hope that this new location will allow us to take our design, manufacturing and installation work to a whole new level.

Stop and see us at 352 Godshall Drive in Harleysville, PA. We look forward to showing off our new headquarters and showing you how Closet City can provide custom storage solutions for your home, new or old.IMG_5866_RT2.jpg


Covid-19 Notice: In an effort to keep our employees, clients and families safe we have established extreme safety precautions for our work force. Ask for details.
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