Dry cleaning: get your money’s worth

How to Clean Your New Custom Closet System

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Professional dry cleaning is a valuable tool for preserving the life of your clothing, but it helps to be in the know. Here are some tips to help you get the most for your dry cleaning dollar:

organized closetDry clean sparingly.

The dry cleaning process is harsh and costly. Only subject your clothing to it when absolutely necessary.

Double or nothing.

Because dry cleaning can fade or alter fabric colors, always dry clean both pieces of a two-piece garment (such as a suit), not just one.

Come clean with your cleaner.

When you take clothing to the dry cleaner, point out stains and spots, and if possible, identify what caused them. If your cleaner has to guess what caused the stain, it’s less likely they will be able to remove it.

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Put a stop to staples.

Ask the cleaner to use a safety pin to attach cleaning tickets to your garment, not a staple. The stapler shreds garment tags unnecessarily.

Tap the cleaner’s clothing-care talent.

Many dry cleaners also offer clothing repair and alterations, shoe repair, and special treatments for bridal gowns, quilts, suede, or leather. Ask them about any specialty services you may need; they are a great source of wardrobe talent.

Ditch the plastic bags.

Once home, remove clothing from the dry cleaner’s plastic bags. Fumes from solvents used in the dry cleaning process need air circulation to dissipate, while plastic bags hold in moisture that can harm clothing during storage. Also, clothing stored in plastic bags takes up more space, adds a cluttered, messy look to your closet, and makes it more difficult for you to see what garments are inside.

Recycler’s tip:  Tie a knot in the bottom of the plastic bag, and use it to line a trash can.

walk-in closet designStore your clothing appropriately.

Fine clothing that requires dry cleaning will last longer if it is stored in a space where it won’t be cramped, squashed, or wrinkled. Having your closet space redesigned to accommodate all of the types of clothing you have will not only provide you with more storage per square foot, but will also help you retain the value of your wardrobe.

For information on how to better utilize your closet’s storage capabilities, contact Closet City. Our experienced design consultant will create an organizing system to best fit your needs, space, and closet contents. And, the consultation and project estimate are always provided at no cost!


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