10 Ways to Reduce Stress-Causing Clutter

10 Ways to Reduce Stress-Causing Clutter

Stressed out woman in her clothes closet.

Stress affects us all. Whether you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show or not, you’ve probably realized that the clutter in your home is a major stress factor. We’ll share a few organizing tricks and gadgets that will help you relieve this stress.

According to an article on HuffPost, 84% of Americans say that they are worried about their home organization. Within this study, 55% of those Americans cited their disorganized homes as recent stressors. It further turns out that 81% of men and 87% of women have reported being stressed out about home upkeep.

An organized closet with shelves, drawers, and racks.

“Clutter in the house causes me to feel stressed when getting something done or getting ready for anything,” says one of the homeowners surveyed. So how do you go about reducing the clutter and the stress it causes? We have some suggestions!

10 Solutions to Home Organization Stress

Most people would agree that their closets are the biggest sources of clutter and home organization stress. Any of these 10 items will help you gain and keep control of specific closet stressors, and using them all will work wonders for the entire closet.

  1. Tie, scarf, and belt racks allow a specific spot for these items so they don’t end up in an unsightly pile somewhere.
  2. shoes on corner shelvesShoe and boot storage will help you cut down on the piles of shoes you might have and give them a dedicated spot in your closet. Whether you choose simple shelves or compartmentalized cubbies, having your shoes in a specific area makes selecting footwear each day much easier.
  3. Hidden hampers are a great way to keep laundry out of sight, and most importantly, off the floor. Most of the hampers we offer come with removable bags or baskets so you can just grab and go when it’s time to do laundry. Having at least two hampers (one each for light and dark colors) allows you to sort laundry as you undress – simply throw your soiled clothes in the appropriate bin.
  4. Pull down clothes rack in usePull-down closet rods are a great option in two situations: if you have high ceilings, or if you want more accessible options.
  5. Pants racks can save a lot of space and organize your pants and slacks.
  6. Hide-away ironing boards let you stash a conveniently-sized ironing board inside your closet or within a cabinet. Having this ironing board eliminates the bother of going to the laundry room or retrieving and setting up a full-sized ironing board. It makes quick touch-ups of your day’s outfit much more convenient.
  7. Pivoting full-length mirror Pivoting full-length mirrors are an easy and practical alternative to having a big mirror take up wall space. The mirror is accessible whenever you want it and hidden the rest of the time.
  8. Custom LED lighting solves the challenge of finding the right clothes in a dark closet – are those the navy slacks or the black ones? With these lights in place, not even the dust will be able to hide from you.
  9. Jewelry and handbags can be stored in custom drawers. The high-quality black velvet finishes keep your treasured baubles safe but easily viewable.
  10. Safes and hidden storage let you keep important documents, money, jewelry, and even weapons out of harm’s way. These storage options can even be locked and unlocked remotely.  Well-lit closet

So Much More Is out There

Are you interested in reducing your stress by having your closet redone? Get started with a quick, free consultation in your home. Our designer will look at your space, discuss your needs, and suggest a versatile solution.

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