Homeowner Prep: 6 steps you should take before a closet installation

Homeowner Prep: 6 steps you should take before a closet installation

DH13_her walk-inDid you know that you, as a homeowner, have a key role in ensuring a successful closet system installation? In fact, how well you do your part is a major factor in the success of the project. Here are 6 steps to consider before our installers arrive:

1. Clean Up the Area
Make sure the closet (or room that is becoming a closet) is completely empty and the walls are blank. All personal items should be removed (clothing, shoes, hand bags, etc.) as well as any moveable items such as existing shelves, cleats, hooks, and the like.

2. Paint the Walls
This may or may not apply to your particular project. However, if you choose to paint the walls of your closet, this should be done at least two days or more prior to the installation so the paint has time to dry. Painting the walls helps give the closet a fresh look, especially if the closet system being installed does not include backers (leaving the wall visible behind open shelves and hanging areas).

3. New Floors
Again, this may or may not apply to your project. Once a closet system is installed, it’s a challenge to remove it later if you should decide you want a new floor in there. So replacing the floor prior to the installation is a good idea. However, if the flooring is fine, it should then at least be cleaned so your new closet starts off on the right foot.

BeforeDuringAfter closet install4. Clear the Work Area
Having a closet system installed is “light construction”, so it’s recommended that you remove all pictures, mirrors, and knickknacks in the immediate area. This provides  installers with a clear path to the closet and its surrounding area. If adjoining walls have artwork or decorative items, it might be wise to remove them for the day as well so nothing is shaken or falls.

5. Kids and Pets
Plan ahead as to where your pets will hang out for the day while the installation takes place. Dogs and cats will fare much better if they are closed off in a separate part of the home. This way you and the installers don’t have to constantly worry if one of the animals got outside when it shouldn’t have. The same should be considered for small children! Have them spend the day at someone else’s house so there won’t be any mishaps with open doors and construction materials.

After_her walk-in closet6. Make Time to Organize
Decide ahead of time how you want the finished closet to be organized. Maybe you want all the same colors together, or all work clothes in one space, play clothes in another. Allow yourself enough time to organize clothing and shoes before putting them back in the closet. This would be a good time to clean purses and shoes, get items to the dry cleaner, etc. And to give your closet the ultimate, organized look — try replacing all your old hangers with new ones. (all the same style and color) It works wonders!

When it comes time to have an existing closet revamped, or maybe an entirely new area converted into a walk-in closet, contact the experts at Closet City. Our designers will create a storage system to meet your personal needs, decor, and budget!


Source:  Closets & Organized Storage magazine, Jan/Feb 2020 issue

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