Custom Closet Design Trends of 2018

Custom Closet Design Trends of 2018

Walk in bedroom closet with island

Trends are always changing, whether you’re dealing with clothing or cars or custom closet design. So, what will closets look like in the next year? Here are a few trends from 2018 that are here to stay in 2019 as well.

1. Islands in your closet

A built-in dresser island is a popular storage solution for larger closets. Not only does it provide you with more space to keep clothing and other accessories, it gives you a base of operations when getting ready in the morning. Pair it with a little bench or stool so you have a place to put your shoes on.

closet-city-ltd-montgomeryville-pa-2.jpg2. Closet drawers

Installing drawers within your closet gives you an out-of-the-way organization method. The only challenge is making sure you choose quality materials. Drawers undergo a lot of wear and tear, so you’ll need to invest in durable wood or melamine rather than particle board.

3. Drawer dividers

A lot of people have a “junk drawer” somewhere in their homes. But while this system is fine for storing batteries and stationery, you might want to keep your clothing a little more organized.

That’s where drawer dividers can help, allowing you to keep your shirts, socks, underwear and anything else you keep in your closet drawers from getting jumbled.

Pearwood closet which is his and hers, has an island, and has a place for shoes.4. Shoe storage

How big is your shoe selection? Enough to put them in a few boxes? Or have you cultivated a larger collection?

If it’s the latter option, you may want to devote one of the walls of your walk-in closet – or part of a wall – to shoe cubbies. Just make these spaces big enough – or invest in adjustable shelving – so you can accommodate boots and heels.

5. His and hers closets

This is something that was on last year’s custom closet design trend list as well. We suspect it will remain popular as long as spouses share closets.

His and hers closets are spaces that are typically the same when it comes to size and style, but gives each partner room for their own needs. So, if you have a lot of jewelry, and your husband has a bunch of vintage t-shirts, a his-and-hers closet gives you room for everything.

Bedroom closet with two sets of hanging heights.6. Two ways to hang clothes

Do you have more long dresses than closet space? Consider a double hanging system, featuring two racks to hang your clothing: one up top for longer items like slacks and dresses, one closer to the floor for blouses, skirts and shirts.

Fashion trends come and go, and so do design trends for closet organization systems. If you’ve decided your closet needs a new look, Closet City can help.

Whether you keep up the latest fashions or simply want a beautiful storage organization system for your home, we can create the perfect setup for you. Best of all, your new custom closet design will seamlessly blend form and function into a stunning piece that will last for years to come.

Contact us today, and our custom closet design and organization experts will work with you to create the space of your dreams.


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