Mudrooms: The New Pet Resorts

Mudrooms: The New Pet Resorts

For many people, a mudroom is already a de facto pet’s room. It’s the place where they store leashes, toys, maybe even a litter box.

But what if your mudroom could be something more? Still a place for pets, but also a space you’d want to show off?  It’s one of the newest trends we’re seeing: taking mudrooms and turning them into what amounts to little pet resorts.

We’re not saying you need to transfer part of your house into a Four Seasons for dogs. But there are some mudroom storage opportunities that you may be missing, and that can make life easier for you and your pets. Here are a few steps to make it happen in your home.


1. From Cabinet To Dog Cave

iStock-537456848 - dog.jpgWe’ve all heard of the man cave. Well, this is the dog cave. Dogs enjoy the feeling of being in an enclosed space, so help them out by turning one of your mudroom cabinets – the kind at floor level – into a little cubby for your dog to hang out. Cut out a side panel, install a little curtain, and give them a comfortable bed.

2. Bath Time

Do you have a sink in your mudroom? A relatively small dog? You have an easier way to do what can be a hard job: giving your dog a bath. Install a restaurant-style spray hose to make rinsing even simpler.

3. A Cat or Canine Cupboard

Your mudroom is a wonderful place for storage for pet supplies. Consider setting aside one cabinet for all your furry friend’s supplies: food, food bowls, toys, treats, etc. Use seal-able bins and jars to keep treats and pet food fresh and safe from pests.

4. Their Little Corner

If you have enough space in the mudroom, consider setting aside a large corner for a dog. Put down a bed, and next to a toy box, hang hooks to hold leashes, put up a shelf for treats, and give him a tray for his bowls and water dish.

5. Your Cat Wants To Be Alone

Cats can be solitary creatures, and they like having a place to, shall we say, “do their business.” Give them the same thing you want from your home: a private bathroom. All you need to do is keep the litter box in a low cabinet, and then cut a hole in the door to let the cat get in and out. It gives your cat some privacy, and helps cat litter from going all over the place.

6. From Cabinet to Serving Station

MUDROOM-white.jpgIt’s easy to transform one of your cabinets to a place where you can serve your pets their meals. It involves adding a sliding base, along with a rack that can hold trash cans. Fill the cans with pet food, and viola…dinner is served, and you’ve found another mudroom storage solution.

7. Gates Instead of Doors

There may be times you want to keep your dog in – or away from – the mudroom, but don’t want to just shut the room off. Consider installing a folding gate at the mudroom entry way, something a little more stylish than a baby gate. You may also want to install a doggie door if your mudroom has a door that leads to the outside.

8. Say No To Carpeting

Even if you don’t have pets, carpeting in a mudroom is never a wise idea. Your best bet for mudroom flooring is linoleum or vinyl, which can withstand life with a dog. (Ceramic tiles offer a cool place to sleep, but can be damaged by accidents.)

If you’re looking for customized storage solutions for your mudroom, look no further than Closet City. Our experts can find ways to transfer your mudroom into a place where your pets wouldn’t mind taking their vacation.


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