Light Up Your Closet

Light Up Your Closet

LIGHTS_ClosetRods72.jpgWhen we offer our readers suggestions for revamping their closets, we typically return to one key point: Even the most innovative redesign won’t work if you don’t light up your closet.

When you light up your closet, you make it a place where you can spend time, deciding on outfits and preparing yourself for your day.

So today we’re going to share some closet lighting tips, from the elaborate to the everyday.

1. Battery operated

If you have a smaller closet, a battery-operated lighting fixture is a solid option. Typically mounted on the wall or the ceiling, these fixtures are suitable for closets that don’t get a lot of use. If you find you are frequently replacing the batteries, it may be time to think about a hard-wired lighting source.

2. Add a window

If your closet is on an outside wall, you may want to illuminate it with natural light. Over time, adding a window may cost less than the electricity you’d use with a new light fixture.

3. Declutter your closets

Here’s another closet lighting solution, and one that won’t cost you a dime. Giving yourself more space can add more light. Take stock of what’s in your closet and ask yourself what you really need and want. When you determine the items you can live without, get rid of them (give them away, donate them, recycle them). You might find you suddenly have a much brighter space.

4. Use brighter light fixtures

You may already have a light in your closet, but one that isn’t doing you much good. If that’s the case, consider installing a brighter bulb, such as a compact fluorescent light bulb, which will provide more illumination while saving you energy. Remember that UV-free lighting will keep your fabrics from becoming faded or damaged.

5. Solar tubes

Another energy-saving way to give your closets more light: solar tubes. These devices use reflective surfaces to bounce sunlight into your home (or in this case, your closet). And because they use natural light, these tubes can help you save on electricity, and even qualify you for energy-efficient tax breaks.

7. Light up your closet organizers

Lighted ClosetRod.jpgIf you’re using a closet organization system, you may want to think about installing lighting inside, whether it’s puck lights or incandescent can lights. You may also want to consider lighting your shelves, to spotlight individual accessories while also giving your closet a boutique feel.

7. LED sensors

These lights are typically attached with a magnetic strip and turn on and off with the opening and closing of your closet door.

8. Call a professional

If you’re not sure what closet lighting route to go, consider talking to a professional closet design consultant. They can help you overcome your lighting/space challenges and find a solution that’s right for you and your home.

Contact Closets & Cabinetry if you’re ready to light up your closet spaces. From simple fixtures to ornate chandeliers, we’re confident we can find something to fit your home.


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